The Snow Patrol..

Finally it stopped snowing...

Miss Moussie was standing in the doorway..gazing at the sky..
-There is still more snow to come..she whispered to herself..I must do something..

Very high up...in the top of the highest tree standing on the Hilltop..a worried owl named Who hooted..

-Dear Who..twittered Miss Moussie...can you see if anyone's coming..can you hear if anyone's calling out for help...

Who hooted again...a very desperate hoot...the lonely sound got lost in the white dwelling...there was no answer...

-That does it...squeaked Miss Moussie...whilst a tear rolled down her cheek and froze dangling on her nose...I must go on a search...My dear friends out there in the white wilderness...never fear..Miss Moussie is here..I'm on my way to rescue you....make way for The Snow Patrol....


Mapi said...

Be brave dear Miss Moussie, you can do it !
Love from me to you

Palomasea said...

Miss Moussie,

Take care, you brave and wonderful friend!
- Irina

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


OVER HEAR MISS M.! Can you see us, waving with our red mittens??

Tea Rat and Rattus here...we have our SNOW BLOWERS; no shovels for us two old rats. Heart issues, you know, with snow this heavy!!! YOU ARE ALWAYS SAFE WITH US!!!!!!!!


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