On the hilltop we are waiting for the thaw to come...its to cold outside today so we watch a little garden movie..please join us.. maybe listen to some Hilltop music too


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Look....LOOK! THERE SHE IS, on the header, THE DIVINE MISS M.!!!!!! The queen of domestic bliss! The broom maven, the Martha Stewart of the animal world! teeeheeeeee And look at this sweet little doormouse in the film, is the Miss M. sans cloths? Oh, she is beautiful. Precious Dutchess, you bring me magic on this Monday as I take a day off to rest from a terrible week at work. This is where I live, among the creatures of nature. Wishing you my dear, a special day of dreaming. Nita

Sarah said...

Thank you for a wonderful place to visit. It is magical. I am your newest member and would like to visit again. Please feel free to visit me and my hens in the orchard.


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