Before this Year will end....

Merry Christmas to you all..dear readers and friends.. The story about Mr Mole and The Christmas presents will continue in a few days..My camera broke down and now I can not take pictures...so ..now we are ..just like Mr Mole left in the dark about the ending...But I;ll be back soon...before this year can come to an end..promise..!

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! But now all the more my precious zuster and fellow story teller, YOU HAVE A PERFECT VIEW from Mr. Mole's perspective: WHAT LIFE IS LIKE IN THE DARK! Carry on; I suspect that the merry-making up on The Hilltop was and continues to be bright and cheerful. Here at Rabbit Hill, we are enjoying a fine poetry book that I got for Ruben, I am enjoying a STASH OF FINE TEAS that Tea Rat brought to me in the night, and all is well....very well, with my soul.



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