Tiny Bubbles..

So nice of Elvira to lend me her lantern...mumbled Mole...my eyes are not what they used to be in the dark..Now,...let me see..Gustave's Pond must now be very close..
A big pine tree stood tall and motionless, a majestic giant ruling over the forest..and ,in the top of the tree..there was WHO..sitting ever so still...like an ornament, crowing this forest king.
Who looked down...he had seen Mr C coming from afar....
-What is my friend C doing at this time a night in the forest, he wondered...
At the foot of the tree was a pond..Gustave's pond...could this be Mr C's destination..?
Who hooted....Mr C looked up...and raised his lantern..
-O ..Who...its you....wonderful spot to sit my friend..you look ever so high and mighty..what are you doing there...if I may ask..?
-Thinking...said Who...thinking...and creating...for my secret present...and what are YOU doing here in the middle of the night..?
-Eh...Eh..stammered Mr C...well I was..eh,I wanted..
But, before Mr Mole could finish his sentence and, maybe ..ask Who to help him in his strange predicament..there suddenly sounded..MUSIC..
Both C and Who now stared at the pond..the surface of the water was black like a bats wing...then tiny bubbles bubbled up......
Strangest thing was that these bubbles made a lovely sound..someone was singing...singing under water..
-That's our friend Gustave...hooted Who..
-And he's singing..said Mr Mole...I never heard him sing before..I think he is learning a song...
-Maybe we are not supposed to hear this ..hooted Who...
-Maybe not...said C..because then it would spoil his surprise...lets go Who..
Who flew of ...on silent feathers....leaving Mr Mole standing there..
-What now..whispered Mole..all my friends are to busy...what to do next...Well..there;s always our Dutchess...I hope its not to late to ask her for help..
And so Mr Mole changed his plan and direction...following the road to Hilltop Hall....


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oooo, what a fabulous way for me to spend my day off from teaching, here, with Mr. C. and the gang.

I am enjoying every word, like a morsel of buttery goodness only to see that MR. MOLE IS IN FULL COLOR and SO ADORABLE! Here...over here Mr. Mole! Come and light the path to Rabbit Hill ! There are many creatures here in the dark, for it is only 6:30AM and the silhouettes of the mounds of snow loom over the rabbits...come!

Oh dearest, you always enchant. The best way to start 2013, with YOU! Nita

Noelle the dreamer said...

Beautiful! I am so happy to have stumbled upon your posts!
Looking forward to see the 'rest of the stories'!
God bless,


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