The night was dark.....like they usely are on the Hilltop!

Our Hilltop inhabitants were all in a deep slumber... Miss Moussie was dreaming about red velvet...The Dutchess about cookies and paint..Horatio dreamt a midsummer nights dream...and Gustave...Gustave was heaving a nightmare..O dear..!! He dreamt that he had lost the recipe of his very famous soup..with the secret ingredient!

And where was WHO..was he still sitting in his tree..overlooking the forest....Yes he was..but now with his eyes closed...and snoring...dreaming about music and bubbles.. In the same tree Elvira had found her dwelling place.....in a hollow filled with nuts....and she was dreaming of shiny silver and sparkling gold..

Now...did we forget someone...Yes..of course we did...Where is Mr Mole..?
  In his labyrinth you say....? That's very well possible..because that's where he went when he left the Hilltop Hall kitchen.
.Lets find out..and follow the long dark passages underground until we reach his residence..

Ssst ,be very quiet... There ..I can see a light at the end of this tunnel....LOOK..!
There he is, Mr C Mole....and what exactly is he doing...?
O My Goodness...when my eyes don't deceive me in this dark habitat...Mr Mole is ....knitting...!!!

We can hear him speaking to himself like he always does when he is alone..

-So happy I found the solution to my very strange predicament..-C whispered while knitting.-Now I can ENDEAVOUR...and I WILL succeed in this enterprise..I will..I will...!!

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


OH YOU ARE SO CUTE! A knitting mole....Well I have seen it all now! And of course, because I am at THE HILLTOP where anything can happen! THANK YOU THANK YOU DEAREST DUTCHESS for coming back "home" to your storytelling nest. I am and always will be, HERE.

"Can you make me a little sweater?" asks Tea Rat..


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