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Hedgehog's visit the garden mostly at night..they make a cute sniffing and snoring sound.The hedgehog has a long pointed nose with a snuffly snout at the end. This accounts for the 'hog' part of their name. They live in undergrowth and hedgerows, which explains the 'hedge' part of their name. In olden times, they were called 'urchins'. This explains the meaning of 'sea-urchin', as these marine creatures have an appearance resembling the hedgehog.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, living in undergrowth and hedgerows. They eat slugs, snails, insects and even mice.(watch out Miss Moussie) The legs of the hedgehog are quite long; they can run very fast when necessary, such as to catch a mouse. Normally, however, they keep the legs tucked underneath them and give the impression of slow, tank-like creatures. Hedgehogs are not quiet - they don't need to worry about anything attacking them and the creatures they hunt will not be frightened off, so they merrily tramp through the undergrowth, oblivious to the noise. The easiest way to find a hedgehog is to listen,and they do make a lot of noise in my garden at night..


Fern said...

One of my favourite animals, I haven't seen many hedgehogs about at all this year.
Love the photo of the firefly below, we don't have those here, which is a great pity as there is something magical about them.

Blue said...

I use to have hedgehog visitors ... think the cats have detered them.

My childhood WFT sister Judy was a terrier true & true where they were concerned but she always came off worse - bloody & lousy!

PB 'n J said...

We had a hedgehog cousin! He was a mini hedgehog and lived in a really cool cage. He sure was a neat little guy!

Pam said...

I've never seen a hedgehog, but I guess you've not seen the Australian echidna either. Both are fascinating creatures to me.

Gillian L. said...

We do not have hedehogs here, but many people are getting them as exotic pets. I love them because they remind me of Beatrix Potter.

Your campfire looks so inviting. What lovely way to spend the evening!


RoyalTLady said...

Thank you for dropping by.

You have such fine pictures, you are indeed meticulous and detail with your work...

I too live with much "back to nature" creatures.

Mouse (mice), squirrels, grasshoppers (countless), beautiful birds of assorted colors, monkeys - Big n small, beautiful butterflies, frogs that shared my beautiful porcelain flower pot, snails and of course assorted bees.


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