..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...


Mirror mirror on the carpet..and Sleeping Beauty

Mr Bee and me...He likes to see his image in the mirror,of course he looks great! Mr Bee will be sharing the company of the two lovely lady's in the next two weeks ..they are so sweet.And... his Chocolate Lady friend Noa is comming to stay for a sleepover! Noa is a very clever and happy girl...not a little puppy anymore! Noa will not be alone to visit the Garden ,someone has to drive the car..her mommy and daddy are with her ,and I am sure they will make the weekend a very lovely one for Mr bee! All will be taken care of when we leave for a big Siesta in Spain..
Please visit the garden when ever you like ,its open to friends and quiet visitors. Miss Moussie will be happy to see you,and Mr Bee wil be waiting at the gate...

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