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Be a litterbug..

Raking leaves? Be a litterbug instead!
Raking leaves disturbs bird habitat!
You see, bugs like it when you are a litterbug, if you are littering with leaf litter, that is. And of course, birds like bugs.

Leaves that are left to decompose create something called leaf litter. It does lots of good things for your yard. Nutrients are replaced in the soil, over-wintering perennial plants are kept nice and cozy in blankets of leaf mulch, and all sorts of beneficial little critters live in it.

Save some time, and don’t rake the leaves, or at least don’t obsess over an immaculately raked yard each fall. Raking leaves disturbs many natural landscaping benefits.


Sen and Tom said...

#1 is happy to tell you that she is a perfect litterbug!

azahar said...

Naturally it is good to let the fallen leaves and fruits stay put where they are supposed to be - under the tree.

The problem is that they will not look good to people who do not understand the difference between clean and natural.

I used to do that once when we first moved into our house. About a foot and a half thick heap of dried mango leaves was beneath the tree.

They become hiding places of poisonous creatures like centipedes and scorpions. So, I decided to remove them.

Actually we can help expedite the breakdown process by sprinling EM (effective microbes) solution onto the leaves.

RoyalTLady said...

I have a different version to share.

Each day our (the then) Indonesian helper collected the leaves, she would communicate with the one from next door.

The next door's helper taught her what to do during weekends and to cheat on her employer just like she did.

Soon after, the "teacher" absconded with jeweleries and the employer's clothings, leaving behind poor little Sarah (from Sarah's and Adam's Dark House in my blog).

The leaves they collected were abundance and so were the "trainings" while running the chore.

WHicky Wuudler said...

What kind advice, it's a good thing to leave the leaves! Bugs have every right to live too. It is sad that people sometimes forget this and get obsessed with immaculate lawns.


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