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Meet Sybille

In our garden lives..Sybille..the magpie
The black-billed magpie is one of the easier birds to identify because of their striking coloring and exceptionally long tails. In flight, they are especially beautiful and graceful. They can glide for what seems miles.
And, if their bright colors don't attract your attention, their scolding call will.
You can surely hear Sybille's call..She is a very loud bird.
Sybille is very famous and can tell you wise and wonderful story's!
Every morning she flies over the garden with a loud "quote of the day" call..
And on top of that...she is a real Fortune teller...so,if there is anything you want to know..ask Sybille.


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

She's a real beauty! We like magpies too!

LOUISE said...

Yes, magpies can be very noisy. Along with seagulls we have many of them around us. I do find the way they hop along the ground quite amusing. x

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

This mayde me larff becos Granny's nayme is Sybil :@D

I don't like the way magpies attakt sum ov our bayby berds, but I do think they look cool. They sparkol an shimmer in the sunlite.


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