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Listen what a terrible sound..its the spring wind..there is a storm with rain, hail and heavy winds..and its soo cold...can not believe I was sitting in the sun only a day ago..I'm not going out...going to clean the cupboards..and then.. maybe tea..with raspberry pie..some whipped cream on top ...would you like to join me..


RoyalTLady said...

WOW! A face lift? New image? I love it. haven't been visiting for quite a while to see how things get on with the spring winds, storm, cupboard cleaning, raspberry pie topped with whipped cream tea and all...yummmmmmmmmmmmy!

Thanks, very delicious indeed.

Sandy said...

Oh, thank you for the invitation to tea. It is too cold here to venture out today! Perhaps when the mint starts to grow in the garden we can have tea outside. It won't be long.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Raspberry pie and tea? A treat indeed! I shall be there at 4:00. The Tea Rat, a fine chap that you will meet in a couple of posts, will be accompanying me. Like always dear Dutchess, you are enchanting! Anita

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Miss Mousie! How delightfully SPRINGY it is here at your little corner of the world! Guess what? I have the same cold wind here right now...it rained buckets all weekend. We can wait it our together...I will bring us some nice cheese and red grapes to go with all your delights.
I will see you in a little while....love Miss Peach


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