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There's Gustave....sitting in the pond...he is ever so happy to be home again..He now knows that the big city is not for frogs..well nor for a frog like Gustave. He needs peace and quiet..open air..space ..and a thinking spot..Our trip to the city wasn't easy for Gustave..it all started with him getting sick in the car...poor thing.We had to stop a couple of times..so Gustave could take a breath of fresh air and..well you now what happens when you get car sick! Gustave looked greener then green...As always mozes was a dear friend and helped Gustave..Mozes is such a sweet guy..Good thing he came along..He enjoyed the trip very much..and the cookies Gustave baked for Mozes where gone in a second..When we arrived at the concert hall Mozes had to wear his hat(with feathers) and cloak..he was as you could say..in disguise..it worked really well up into the moment where the music started..Ellington..Gershwin..to much swing for a dancing bear so he just couldn't sit still...Our dear dutchess had some real trouble to keep him sitting on his chair...And then a woman sitting behind Mozes asked him to take of his hat...o dear...The hat..that was my seat...I was hiding in the feathers...So better go before things could get out of hand...Mozes got up..mumbling ..so sorry..excuse me..beg your pardon..and with a swing in his step Mozes left the building...Next time I am going to sit in the handbag of our dutchess again...now I missed the concert..this time Gustave was sitting in the handbag because he was feeling so poorly...he could hear the wonderful music but was to sick to really enjoy it..he askt for some earplugs..Well better luck next time..if there is going to be one..I believe then.. our sweet dutchess and I better go together..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dearest Miss Moussie! You are back! We missed you so much...you are a mouse about town! It sounds like you all had quite a time in the big city! Give my regards to all! I hope Gustave is better...I had a touch of a stomach ailment as well, but not due to car sickness! Love always, Anita

anna said...

Gustave ziet er echt geweldig uit! wat een prachtig vriendje, en
leuk dat je in de sidebar je volgers "The whole gang" hebt genoemd!!!
Ik ben blij dat ik daaraan toebehoor
Groetjes, Anna


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