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Its a very rainy day at the Hilltop...our Dutchess went to work under a big umbrella..I could use one too..think I'll go home and make myself a cup of tea..do you like this photo..it was taken by Jan Meeus....go and see...hope the weather in your garden is better then in mine...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Miss Moussie darlin',
You need a raincoat as well! But take heart, all that rain is going to give your garden so many beautiful flowers! Do you eat flowers? My bunnies love tulips! You are the cutest mouse I have ever seen. I love your drawing; what a lovely tea pot you have! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello my sweet Dutchess! I just saw your comment on my writing blog (I have been so busy with my work that I haven't touched it). Thank you for visiting me! I LOVE MISS MOUSSIE AND GIVE HER A LITTLE SQUEEZE FOR ME! Take care my dear. Have a wonderful evening. Anita

anna said...

wat een weertje..gelukkig vandaag ietsje beter.
wat kunnen sommige mensen toch mooie foto's maken, die Jan Meeus kan er ook wat van! op de link hieronder vind je 1 van mijn favoriete fotograven


Cat with a garden said...

Miss Moussie, we are having rain, rain and more rain over here too. Mom complains when we come in that we leave dirty paw prints everywhere. Chilli even heads straight for mom's bed to clean herself THERE! Hopefully the plants will benefit and everything will be lush and lovely.
Purrs, Siena


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