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Mr C's Labyrinth is dark and mysterious...if you want to see Mr C there,you need a map and a compass to guide the way...even Mr C doesn't know every exit or every passage.Today Miss Moussie went for a very important visit...Mr C waited for Miss behind the tool shed....at the entrance of his labyrinth.
-O goodness Mr C,twittered Miss Moussie, following Mr C into his hole...its ever so dark in here..I can not believe you can see anything at all...do you know where you are going...shall I light my little lantern?
-This will not be necessary my dear...just hold on to me and we will be at my living quarters in a minute...almost as quickly as you would travel a Jiffy trail..
-Speaking of the Jiffy trail..do you think we could ever find it back...and follow it again..this time I would put a complete different destination mail into the singing Pumpkins...I would write...bring me to my friend Mozes...what about you dear C..?
-I miss my friend Mozes,said Mr C,and my jolly fellow the Tea rat,maybe you and I should go on a Jiffy search,I bet you and I could find it...O dearest,watch your step ,a big tree root is crossing this passage..we have to climb over it...
-I am sure we could find the Jiffy trail together..and I do hope we can find Mozes and the tea rat before the big Harvest dinner in your Labyrinth ,it wouldn't be the same without them...are we almost there yet Mr C..I believe i smell something yummy...Chocolate.
-Chocolate it is my dear..hot chocolate with cream...and here we are..let me welcome you in my kitchen..
-Thank you my dear Mr C...lets sit at your table and make a plan together...We have much to talk about...like,when shall we leave for our search..and also very important we have to make a guest list for our dinner...and set a date..how about next Thursday...this gives us a week to find our friends....

And there we leave our two garden creatures....in Mr C's Labyrinth...wonder what will happen next..will they be able to find there friends in time for dinner...or maybe Mozes and the tea rat will be able to find THEM...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOO HOO! OVER HERE! Oh my dearest friends, we are still in NOWHERE LAND, but we are hungry to sup with you and enjoy an incredible dinner with you...we so miss our little Miss Moussie and the infamous Mr. C. We do have a map, but it is so dark, we cannot read it....We need your help! But take courage, we will be there in time for dinner! The Tea Rat

Karolina said...

Thank you for following my blog :) I like yours too, very different from all the others, I think I will take a closer peek :)



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