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Miss Moussie's Houssie

After the big adventure from last week,all our little garden friends are a bit down..
Gustave is just 'hanging' around ,Mr C, for the first time got lost in his own Labyrinth under the lawn..Miss Moussie didn't come out of her houssie since Saturday..the curtains closed..and the door locked.
The Dutchess came home this afternoon ,and found the garden ever so still and gloomy.
O,dear..what to do..She stood there for a minute under the Lilac bush,and then decided it was time for a present...She had been hiding this present for quite some tome now in the tool shed..A new Houssie for miss Moussie..this would bring some joy in the garden..moving,decorating..stay tuned ,because you will be very welcome on the house warming party..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I want to come to the party!!!! The Tea Rat, when he can find his way out of NOWHERE will lead the big Mozes and Mr. Raccoon out to see the lovely houssie!! I am sorry to see the sweet little miss on a downer....she is an ever so bright star! I love her little bed...so darling my friend! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening precious! I couldn't resist a photo I took today in an art gallery...I added to your last sweet post on our NOWHERE.....take a peak, but don't get too close; only Mozes can get that close! Anita

Jacqueline said...

Oh I see, we need to be sweet and be quiet as to not disturb our little Miss Moussie in her Houssie. I have a little patchwork blanket for her to give her comfort and keep her tired little bones warm. I have 4 felted slippers to keep her toes warm too...we must, we must take care of the mouse!


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