..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...


Open it..open it..

Open it,open it,our sweet garden friends were jumping op and down on the bed..
-Oke,oke,said the Dutchess,and she openend the envelope with great care..
Blue,the letter was blue..and it smelled like Lavender...the scent filled the room
The Dutchess gave the letter to Mr C because he can read letters like no other..
Ahum...Mr C cleared his throat..ahumm...
-Go on,go on,twittered Miss Moussie,what does is say..
-It says...said Mr C...


Jacqueline said...

ooooooo....what are we to do? Nowhere is somewhere, what shall we do?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH DEAR I AM LATE! O.K....the are safe. Whew....I was really worried. Big Mozes will take care of them. Now, I think that they have traveled further into the thick forest, so my radar is loosing their location. However, all we can do is hope for another letter! Maybe tonight, when I return from school (where I am right now), I will find a letter in my post? I HOPE SO! Anita


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