..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...



Who hovered over the spot where Miss Moussie sat and where our friends where just about to eat Gustave's Fungi special..
-Away Away..he shouted..run away...there is a strange masked bandit approaching..
-Ya,Right..a bandit...one of your jokes dear Who..with a mask you said...could it be Robin Hood..croaked Gustave laughing..whilst he flipped over a mushroom pancake on the campfire..
-No time for jokes my friends,shouted Who..hurry..a strange creature is running your way..
-Goodness,twittered Miss Moussie, I believe Who is serious..and quickly she jumped of her toadstool..come on guys,pack your bags and run..
-But But..what about my pancakes..sputtered Gustave..we can't just leave them here..
-O yes wwe cccan stammered mr C....let the bandit rob them..maybe he is a pppancake robber..
Our garden friends grabed there things together..Gustave couldn't resist to take a quick bite from the pancake first..and then the three of them ran away..Who followed circling in the sky..where did this strange creature go...Who lost track of him...

Darkness surrounded him...the creature sat very still..to afraid to move..he listened..He just could not understand what happened to him...one minute he was traveling with his friends on the road to Nowhere and now he was nowhere at all...where could he be..
He remembered he ate a cookie..it did taste funny..and then the lights went out..
Did he hear voices in the distance..was it the Tea rat..Mozes maybe..no..this sounded more like a twitter..and there...flapping of birds wings..And then this smell...the smell was familiar...O ,this brought back a wonderful memory...from when he was just a little raccoon..playing in the fields and his mommy calling...'Pancakes...
Pancakes...Raccoon jumped up,and without thinking he began to run..run ..run..Mommy I am Home..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sweet as pie my dearest....our little friends are surely busy in the garden and in Nowhere, and I KNOW that they are going to reunite very soon, but in the meantime, they are having quite a fun time exploring and problem solving together! I can smell Gustave's pancakes all the way over here, in my classroom as I work. The scent calls me to Nowhere with you and all the others that give me such joy! Anita

Oma Nijn's Country Huis said...

oh,,wat een heerlijke site,heb je kolfje naar mijn hand,ik hou ook heel erg van verhaaltjes verzinnen.
Je hebt er mooie plaatjes bij,ik zit te genieten hoor,en ook van je vogelgeluiden,geweldig. groeten oma nijn


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