..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...



In the middle of the forest,in the moonlight,on the Hilltop,we see Mr C...what is he doing there..does he know that he is standing just a few feet away from the Haunted Pumpkin? Somebody should warn him...this could be dangerous..Mr C is acting very strange...running around with a shovel and digging a hole in the ground..Maybe he is making a new entrance to his labyrinth...or maybe he is burying something..or.....someone...!

Under a full moon Who hoovered high over the tree tops..he was searching the grounds..he felt a great responsibility for the safety of all the little Hilltop Creatures..and he made a promise to himself to watch the Haunted Pumpkin 24/7..
What was that..a dark shadow moving under the bushes...Who made a dive..gliding on his brown feathered wings...he landed ever so quiet on a branch of the big Chestnut tree..he looked down..and who was it WHO saw...Yes...Mr C..
-Its C...whispered WHO to himself...this can't be good...If I don't warn him the Pumpkin might eat him like he did Sir Hog...
-Whoo hoo,whoo hoo..whood WHO...C,can you see me ,I am up here..Whoo hoo..
Mr C didn't respond,he just kept on digging and digging..
-Who who...C ...WHO whood again...then he picked some chestnuts from the tree and started throwing to get Mr C's attention....one did hit Mr C right on his behind..!
-Who ddid tthat...stammered Mr C..waving his shovel through the air..
-Me,that's who....said WHO ..it's me up here....My dear friend C ..do you know you are in a very dangerous place ..if you look behind you can see the Haunted Pumpkin glowing in the dark..please keep away from there or you might end up like Sir Hog..'
-Who do you think you are attacking me with chestnuts in the middle of the night,said C irritated...I am working here can't you see....please,just let me be..
And C..started digging again....minding his own buisness...and what could this buiness be ..Who knows..well, that is ,WHO didn't know..and he flew back to the garden to tell his friends all about this strange encounter with Mr C on the Hilltop!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH! The plot thickens and is slowly being revealed...I just need some popcorn, a stormy night and I am ready for a ride to Hilltop! Is the little moussie in her houssie? Shaking and quivering in her little boots? :) ANita

Jacqueline said...

This is a very dangerous situation. Perhaps all the friends back home will come up with a fast plan to impress upon Mr. C. he could be ten feet under any moment!
Wonderful story line...I'm always captivated by "what in the world is next?"


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