..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...


The talk of the Garden...

Now..after reading the news everybody is talking about it...The haunted pumpkin on the Hill!.And where do you go to hear the latest gossip...yes..to the barbershop!

-Dear Sir Hog..please sit still..its only your beard that needs a trim..

In the barbershop chair is sitting Sir H. Hog...nobody knows where the H stands for..well,we believe it to be Horatio..but we are not sure..Sir Hog comes from a very nobel family..royalty he wants us to believe..

-Sir Hog..please ,why are you so jumpy today..
-Why?Do you even have to ask..I want to go to the Haunted Pumpkin..did you see it last night..it was glowing in the dark...I tell you,it was staring at me with two creepy piercing eyes..I didn't dare to go near it ..but now at daytime I will go and take a look..
-O my dear Sir...would this be wise.....rumour said spooky noises are coming out of there..like chains rattling..and the whispering of voices..
-Well,somebody has to go there...don't worry I will be fine..I...Sir H. Hog come from a very nobel family..my grand father was a Knight..and my mother always told me I am just like him..a fearless creature..

And after saying this Sir H Hog..jumped out of his seat and headed in the direction of the Haunted Pumpkin on the Hill...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear....we shall investigate this! The Tea Rat and Rattus will go and see if they can scare off this diabolical pumpkin and bring happiness to Hilltop! Now miss Moussie, please stay calm! Your Rats in shining armour are to the rescue!!!!!CHARGE!! AHHHHH!!!!!

Rattus Scribus said...

Oh Dutchess,
This is too cute. You and my Anita have inspired and awakened the writer in me, and for that I am grateful.

Please come visit my latest post on Rattus Scribus

and my new blog that Anita encouraged me to start called Rattus' Tales


Warmly, like a cup of tea,


Jacqueline said...

Blink, blink, blink...Gretta is trying so hard not to shake and jitter and scatter and scitter. She is at the end of the line and she is holding a frying pan as a shield...Picking up the mighty twig, she is ready for anything...charge!

royaltlady said...


cute story!


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