..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...


The Beginning.....

Let me start at the beginning ,croaked Gustave sitting on the table...He leaned against the sugar bowl..took a big sip from his tea and cleared his throat...

Once upon a time ,a long long time ago there was a little girl....she was born in a far far away land across the big blue see in the year 1888...Of course I am not this old to live and tell...this was told to me by my great great great etc etc...grandfather frog Gustave the first..He traveled together with the little girl and her parents on a big ship..coming from a deserted Island called, The island that was..
It wasn't his intention to go and leave The Island that was......he accidentally was shipped into a box of waterlilies...Lillie's who were to be planted in a pond..a pond on a Hilltop,far far away!After a long journey they arrived at a beautiful house...in a warm and cosy kitchen..the kitchen we are sitting this very moment..The Kitchen of Hilltop Hall.
The little girl grew up very happily until on her seventh birthday something tragic happened...her father disappeared..They searched desperately for days and months..but couldn't find him..leaving the little girl and her mother being ever so sad!
You must know the father of this little girl wasn't just an ordinary man...He was very clever ..he owned more then a thousand books..and the story goes that he also kept a treasure hidden on a secret place on the Hilltop ..A treasure he took with him from The Island that was....a treasure he gathered roaming the seven sees when he was still a Pirate..Yes my dear..you heard well...the great great grandfather of our Duchess was a Pirate..
When you go up the stairs you can find a big painting hanging there...before your very eyes you can see a man looking down at you ..smiling a mysterious smile..a man with a secret...Mr Pirate himself!
At the time of his disappearing strange and wonderful things began to happen...Do you remember what Miss Moussie told you about the magical Cabinet standing in this Kitchen..and the enchanted Alphabet? It was in these days the Alphabet started to wander through the Hilltop Hall..it was in these days they began to follow the little girl..and it was in these days the Gnome appeared..
The Gnome scared the wits out of everybody on the Hilltop..he attacked every visitor..he tied knots in shoelaces..tied knots in ties...he tied knots in every thing he possible could ....even in your hair ,jumping out of a dark corner when you would least expect it!
He was ever so sweet towards the little girl....he never bothered her...he used to sit next to her bedside to watch the little girl sleep...like he was guarding her..to keep her from harm...like the alphabet did!
The tiny Gnome and the Alphabet weren't the only ones to stand guard....
In the Hilltop Forest a strong and mighty creature..a very big and powerful Bear was also guarding something ...The Pirates Treasure..The bears from the Hilltop forest promised they would keep the treasure safe...only to give it back to The Pirate on his safe return on the Hilltop..!
One day...one fine day in the midst of Summer..The little girl from Hilltop Hall found it was time...time to go on a quest...She was going to search for her father..and how she did that..well dearest that's a very very long story...I believe our Dutchess is writing a book about it...For now we must end our little get together..it allready dark outside...you must go home or you will not be able to find your way through the forest...Let us give you a lantern to light the path you have to walk to the gate and further..be safe my dear...watch out for the bears...and when you hear a humming sound...hold on to your hairdo..
Please come back anytime...you are ever so welcome...hug from all of us...and remember...stay warm and stay happy..

A few minutes later....Miss Moussie and Gustave were cleaning up the Kitchen...the Cuckoo clock cuckood twelve....At the last cuckoo something tumbled down..it came from behind the cuckoo...and it fell in a cooking pot...a pot of soup which Gustave made that day..
-What was that...squeaked Miss Moussie...I am sure I saw something taking a plunge into the soup.
-You did..croaked Gustave...Well...lets hope it was something elementary..I will give it a good stir..
Gustave stirred the soup and took a taste.."O my...wonderful soup as I say so myself..as far as you can tell from cold soup...we will enjoy this tomorrow..
Then they turned down the lights...crawled under the doormat to slide through the crack in the wall to leave through the flowerpot entrance..
Together arm in arm they went home.
-See you,Dear Gustave ..twittered Miss Moussie..sleep well...
-Sweet dreams Miss,croaked Gustave..meet you in the kitchen tomorrow...

Then everything was quiet at the Hilltop....well,not everything...in the kitchen a tiny little Gnome was splashing around in a pot of tomato soup...humming, and not at all pleased..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am sitting here, enchanted and so happy. This little girl, she is ever so lucky to have had a loving family and such magic! Thank you my dear for allowing us all to enter into your sweet world, and tuck in Miss Moussie in her little matchbox bed! I will have a little candle lit tonight by my window, wondering where my little mouse friend is at the moment...I want more STORY! I will keep watch. Bisous, Anita

Angie Muresan said...

Miss Moussie, you captivate our imagination with your beautiful stories and blog! Thank you! Wishing you the loveliest holiday season.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Miss Mousie you enchant me so much with your wonderful blog....the stress of dealing with Misses Peach's eccentric way just melted away a little bit and I found myself breathing easy and smiling...many blessings to you for that respite!


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