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A walk to Hilltop Hall

Isn't it funny how a story tells itself.....for months now I have been writing about the adventures of Miss Moussie and her friends. And believe me I didn't made them up...they are not just some sweet characters...they realy exist..Now I see a smile on your face..bet you are thinking...how sweet..this lady is going cookoo...Rest assured, I am not....I''m just exploring my imagination..and there they live and keep me company every day. Not only was I writing about Miss Moussie but also there was this story about a little girl....you can find her on' The Dutchess' blog..dealing with a very dangerous alphabeth..Then It came to me..this wonderful idea...many stories have been written for children..and many times the starring character is a child......never a middle aged Lady...like me..haha....So, from now on the Dutchess is going to be in her own story....I am not using this story line on the garden blog just yet...but it is going to be in my next book... wonderful, crazy,and magical things are about to happen...a story for all the old(er) girls and boys to enjoy...maybe children should read it to there parents and grandparents...
In this little video you have been watching...you can make a lovely walk in an enchanted setting...this is how I 'picture' Hilltop Hall......there ,in this old victorian gem lives the Dutchess..and in the garden her sweet garden friends....I will keep you posted..and for now...have a lovely walk and a marvelous day...remember,stay warm and stay happy..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my darling, creative friend! I enjoyed very much my walk to "Hilltop Hall" and through the sacred halls of your wonderful mind! How I love that you have fresh, new ideas constantly; Oh how many people at our age would benefit if only they would imagine, hope and create!!! THANK YOU for shining your light of artist expression and joy. I look forward to you new storyline with THE DUTCHESS; what a wonderful, wonderful idea. Bisous mon amie, Anita

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Jacqueline said...

There is a place of peace that flows I suspect in and around and under Hilltop Hall. I cannot wait to see what is inside. I was so anxious to crack open the door and walk in...I await, in anticipation of your imagination to flow.

Rattus Scribus said...

Dear Dutchess,

Anita has raved about your blog for months, but I don't really think I have looked at in detail until now. Your work here is absolutely magical. I'm hooked.

Three cheers, a hoot, and a rrrrr.

Your friend, Rattus


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