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A Kindred Spirit

Soon the forest changed his coat...from dark brown to white...with a soft glow from the moonlight..

The Dutchess stood still under the chestnut tree...a little creature appeared..it was Elvira..She looked ever so elegant with all the glistening snowflake freckles on her furry nose..

-Dearest,she said to the Dutchess...don't you worry..I will keep an eye on things when you are gone..please take care..and be safe..
-You are such a brave little squirrel,smiled the dutchess...go quickly now...close the garden gate behind me and don't let anyone in...unless.. they know the secret password..
-I promise..said Elvira...I will let nobody enter the Hilltop...unless they say.."I am a Kindred Spirit"!
Now Elvira was the gatekeeper...the Duchess gave her the key...Elvira took it, clutched it to her chest..and disappeared in the bushes..the snow covered her tracks..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

This is a special, special little story my dearest. It is short, but very sweet, and I just love Elvira! Your squirrels are so different from ours! Ours are very fat and grey and like to bring pizza slices to my door! They often leave bagels or French bread in my garden! They know that I love bread. Very enchanting work my dear. Anita

La Petite Gallery said...

Oh! Miss Moussie,
I am so glad to see you have a new post. It is short and sweet,
Aren't squirrels just cunning?

Stay warm Darlin!

Jacqueline said...

Elvira, the gate keeper. She is the best gate keeper ever I'm sure. Such a fair weathered trusted friend of the dear Dutchess and company. No worries with the wee squirrel. Were all in safe paws.


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