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Miss Moussie looked the little Gnome deep in his eyes ..."Well little man..we are waiting for you to tell your story...why are you wandering through Hilltop Hall in the middle of the night... For a time it was very still in the living room...the only sound came from the crackling fire...And just at the very moment when the Gnome openend his mouth to speak...there was a knock...and another one.. Was there someone knocking at the door?...No..this sound came from the kitchen..and this knocking sounded very persistent.....'Listen' whispered The Dutchess ..'this knocking has a rhythm... Oh, squeeked Miss Moussie ..like the Tango... No..silly mouse..hissed the Gnome..Like a mayday.. A May day...what's wrong with a day in may...twittered Miss Moussie offended by the way the Gnome reacted.. Dearest...said the Dutchess...our "Jolly" old chap here means that this knocking sound is a signal..someone needs our help....


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my dear one...thank you for this little fire; we are freezing here today! Now, what ever could be next? This little gnome has something up his little miniature sleeves! I wait patiently for the next installment of your delightful antics!!! How is the little mouse? Did she enjoy her time away? The festivities have now begun, for our Dutchess is back! Anita

La Petite Gallery said...

This post makes me think of when I was about six years old.
Every Saturday morning, I would sit infront of our Big radio.

WHEEEEEEEEEEE Then the "Cream of wheat" song and a wonderful,story.

Can you imagine NO TV>

Jacqueline said...

oh no, Hilltop is in a flurry! What is that cried the gnomes in Gnomeland...a spark? This can't be! Don't panic, your gnome will know what to do. He'll end up saving the Dutchess and Ms. M. if need be...yes...indeed. So happy you are back!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I just noticed that your profile no longer shows Nowhere or Mouse tales...are you still with us? Anita


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