..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...


Great view..

Great view...said Miss Moussie..recovering from shock and sitting together with the Dutchess at the window from the Hilltop Hall Library..
The Library is a very quiet place...Miss Moussie loves it there...so,after her encounter with the wooden boards Gustave moved so elegantly..she asked to be carried upstairs to rest for a while..Now,she is resting comfortably on the chaise longue, enjoying the view..
She is watching the little ones paint the garden in pink and white...
-AAh,she sighs..so lovely...and then carefully checks her head...Marvelous,she squeaks..a bump!

There is a soft polite knock on the library door...
-Enter...says the Dutchess whilst pouring a cup of tea for Miss Moussie..enter..
Very slowly the door opens...
-Anybody there...asks the Dutchess..
Then a flower enters the room...a Daisy...attached to a long dangly arm..and this arm belongs to..Gustave..who, very shy, steps in..croaking..."I came to offer my sincere apologies..I am soooooo sorry...may I offer you this very special flower..its our first Spring Daisy from this year". Then he hops over to Miss Moussie..grabs her little hand and kisses it..
-O Goodness Gustave..twitters Miss Moussie..you are such a gentleman...thank you..I'm feeling better already..
-My dearest Miss...croaks Gustave with a lump in his throat .....When I saw you laying there my heart stopped..Good thing Mozes was there to carry you into the house..
-I will be fine dear Gustave...but please promise to be very careful in the future....there must be no more accidents while you are building your restaurant..you do have a solid building plan I hope..
Gustave stands there...looking at his feet..fumbling his tie...and then mumbles something like...'sure'..
-What did you just say...twitters miss Moussie..do I suspect some doubts...Please explain..speak up...I find mumbling to be very suspicious..

lets hope, dear readers and friends, Gustave knows what he's doing....We have to wait for a while to read how this story is going to end because The Dutchess is going on a little trip...to Spain.
She will be back..Meanwhile..enjoy the view..take a stroll in the garden...have a lovely tea party with Miss Moussie..sit on the garden bench with Mozes...visit Gustave at the pond..and very important...stay warm and stay happy...Hug from all of us

T.d and Company.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my sweet! Oh, my heart melted to hear Gustave feel so bad about bumping Miss M.! I hope her little bump goes down quickly...does she have a little headache? And I do hope Gustave has a plan...Measure twice, cut once dear fellow....and we all love your NEW SPRING LOOK...the view from Hilltop is just stunning, all that pink loveliness! And the cloud, I suspect, is lifting so that our Dear Dutchess can fly to Enchanting Spain....have a magical journey my friend; we shall miss you greatly, but we will have another party in NOWHERE, at WIT'S END upon your return.....

Many hugs, Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I just had to come back to see this new header picture on my school computer that enlarges the photo....oh dear, this is the cutest picture...everyone is there: Gretta, Gustave, the RATS, the mice, all the birds; what would we do without our nature friends...what a sad world it would remain!


Cindry said...

I'm not good at English to understand everything you wrote, but the picture is fantastic!An explosion of flowers, the spring is here!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My dear Little Miss M
I hope you bump will be ok..
Indeed this is a beautiufl view...
I think I will sit on the garden bench with Mozes for a bit.
Enjoy your visit to Spain dear Dutchess.. I will have Bebe check on Miss M. while you are away.
Take care my dear friend,

Bramblewood Bears said...

Poor Miss Mousie with her big bump and poor Gustave for causing pain to his dearest friend. Thank goodness for the forgiveness of friendship!
Bramblewood Bears

Jacqueline said...

Lady of Spain, I adore you...Gretta has turned up her music on her little poot-scoot and she is humming along to her hearts content.
She's on her way to Nowhere, turned right to Wits End and had to back up and now she is on her way to Hilltop.
LOVE the header...of course it's a delight!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear one...I had to come by and get my daily fix of Hilltop...I miss everyone so, but what a surprise to find the starry book in the post.....such beauty! Anita


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