A few weeks later..to be exact yesterday,our dear Dutchess together with Miss Moussie walked the Hilltop grounds....checking the garden.

- So,my dear Miss Moussie, you tell me everything went well,..all was well on the Hilltop when I was gone..?
-Sure..nothing special happened. Mozes took great care of things..he watched the garden gate like a hawk and that's very special him being a bear..He even sat on the rooftop for a while..The only strange trespasser was a dog..!
-A dog..what kind of dog and what was he doing here..
-A itty bitty dog...with an attitude.. He came to visit the Queen..told him this was the wrong adress..but he didn't want to believe it at first..
-The Queen..? In our garden..
-Yes,..he was just a bit confused...we showed him where to go...and guess what, a few days later we saw him in the newspaper..sitting next to the queen at the Queens ball on Queens day..
-Are you kidding me dear Miss Moussie ..I could swear you are making this story up this minute while we are walking..
-O,No..this really happened..twittered miss Moussie bending over to a inspect a daisy...

Then, abruptly, the Dutchess stopped in her tracks...

-What's THAT...she said surprised....but that...that's MY DRESS..hanging in the Lilac bush..!
-O yes..that..twittered Miss Moussie..I was going to mention that to you..didn't get the chance yet..Its the construction ground..
-Well,my dresses are called many things ,from sweet to stunning...but never to be a construction ground dearest...
-Its that old fashion thing..you know ..the one I could have because you didn't want to wear it anymore..so..Gustave borrowed it from me to hide his construction..
-You mean that behind this dress he is building his restaurant...How marvellous..When can we see it..

Then a little croaky voice from behind the dress quacked..."SOON MY DEAR..VERY SOON...but until then"...and there came some letters from the alphabet whirling through the Lilacs.."SKUDATLE"....GO UWAY..


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh how funny! What a delightful story... Mozes is such a dear.. We never need worry about Hilltop when he is on the watch.. I thought Miss M was making that up too. Leave it to Gustave to use your dress to hide construction.
Love and Blessings,
Penny and Bebe

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ohhhh!!! I can't wait to get a reservation for this incredible new eatery! Oh Miss M....you are so divine to allow Gustave to use your dress! I believe it is that pink number on my post with the poofy skirt! It can't be one of the tight-fitting ones; it wouldn't cover the construction! Oh, what kind of cuisine is Gustave stirring up...Italian, Dutch, French, Spanish, American....WE ARE WAITING IN SUSPENSE!

Bon App├ętit tout le monde! Anita

GrandmaK said...

Just delightful! Cathy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening dearest one! I see you came by to see my little momma artwork! You asked what she had in her hand? I put a little star made of gold. Everything she touched turned into something lovely, and I so remember her that way. She is now flying with the sparrows and angels...she was the cutest little lady. She would make us laugh. My auntie is even funnier and it seems to run in the family! Grace was my momma's name.

Bisous dear one! Anita


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