Take out...

Gustave's grumpy..very,very,grumpy.
Now,a week after opening his restaurant he noticed that there's a take out just around the corner..FAST FOOD...goodness!
And how did he find out..let me tell you..

We have a new visitor in the garden..he comes and goes as he pleases..without warning.
His name...unknown...he didn't want to tell us..so we called him Figaro..this because of his midnight concerts..which keep everybody awake for ours. It wouldn't be so bad when it would sound nice, but..heavens to betsy..it sounds more than terrible.
The woodland inhabitants are now sleeping with earplugs..
The Dutches told us this noisy creature is a drifter..a midnight wanderer..a rolling stone searching for a home..well,we are not so sure about that..
Because the Dutchess always wants to take care of lost souls she started to feed this midnight creature...cat food..yes..you guessed right..ITS a cat..big and fat..we were thinking he doesn't need all that extra food..he is doing fine..but,our Dutches said,when I feed him he will keep away from the mice and birdies...good thinking!!
So...Figaro comes and Figaro goes...Figao here..Figaro there...eating, purring and singing..

Now,..listen to this..yesterday,our Dutchess was sitting in the garden..the time..close to midnight!...The garden was looking ever so lovely in moonlight. Everything was quiet and peaceful.
Then, suddenly the Dutchess heard something rustle in the underground..she sat very still..holding her breath....what would come out from under the leaves..
AHA...it was Sir Horatio Hog...and he was in a hurry...he ran across the lawn not knowing that he was being watched.'O my', whispered the dutches..I believe Sir H has gained some weight lately..but look at him go..what would be the reason of this midnight run...She then decided to follow..
And this is what she saw...
Sir H..eating a midnight snack..cat food..really, Sir H, what were you thinking..this can't be good for your health!
Quickly the Dutchess grabbed her camera and made a picture..
Sir Hog didn't even notice,he was to busy eating.
The next day...a glorious summer morning...our Dutchess was having breakfast on the terrace..the magpie family dropped in..They are always very loud and always in argument over silly stuff..they never seem to agree on anything..
The Dutches looked up from her morning coffee and just at the very moment when she wanted to say hello to mommy and daddy Magpie to tell them there baby's were getting big...she saw daddy magpie take a dive in the cat food bowl...he grabbed some fast food to go, and took it to his family..to feed his kids and wife..really, Mr Magpie ,cat food ,this can not be very healthy!
At that point Figaro walked into the garden..only to find his bowl..empty.
Under very loud protest and looking extremely annoyed he walked over to the Dutchess...
-I know, I know..shushed our Dutches..I know..I will get you some food in a jiffy ,just you wait here..and off she went..
Figaro sat there waiting..The magpie family on top of the roof sat there waiting..Sit Hog ,hiding under the ivy sat there waiting..O my goodness..they are all addicted to fast food...
So ,when Gustave heard all this he was grumpy very very grumpy...


Jackie said...

The fast food frolics are underway...Goodness life is active at the midnight hour.
I have the same events going on here...put out the Famous Tazmo's dog food and Cranky the Crow arrived and took the fast food to GO!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh my! I can see why Gustave is so grumpy... To work so hard on his restaurant only to have everyone running to grap fast food.. Sir hog looks obivlous to anything else..
Enjoy the day dear friend
I am still pinching myself.. Did I really SEE Anita? yes!!!! What a wonderful visit!

Diana (Di) said...

Oh my, Figaro! now that conjured up some wonderful memories of our neighbors cat who came in during the night to their home, having been abandoned on the highway, and our neighbors took him in and named him such.

A rather large black Tom with white markings, timid, apparently may have been abused. The net of the story is that our neighbors came for dinner one night and brought Figaro with them; he circled around us, stayed his distance, until Julio (neighbor) said, 'Give him a piece of cheese Diana'. Little did I know that from that day on, Figaro came to our home everyday and in fact, decided he liked it here more than there.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG...OMG....this is perfect detective work dearest! Miss Moussie has lent you her spy kit I see...excellent work my dear!!! OH, your garden is full of the same hungry beasts as our is! Mrs. Robinson is going on her second round of babies to feed, and we have a FAT CAT prowling our gardens at night. A fox made his way in our alley and a plump racoon was in our tree. Then to top it off, a squirrel left a slice of pizza in my flower pot! THOSE FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS ARE POLLUTING OUR GARDENS! WHat is Gustave to do.....what a darling creature, however...I see Hilltop is busy tonight! Thank you for this sweet invitation to the fabulous frolics at Hilltop!!! Anita

Jeri Landers said...

Oh Dear, that cat food attracts all kinds of attention, and is expensive to boot, but some of us simply cannot help feeding all the little moochers in the neighborhood. We have a Figaro too, but we call him Rusty... we have a Sir Hog, but we call her Drucilla P Possum. Gustave will just have to get over it and join the buffet! Eat, Drink and be Merry!


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