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To every book its worm..

-There's a bang at the door....squeaked Miss Moussie..someone who isn't polite enough to gracefully knock..
-I'LL go and see who that is..said the Dutches..and with her cup of hot chocolate still in her hand she walked to the kitchen door and opened it..

Who..because that's who it was..stood up from the doormat, where he made his spectacular landing just a few seconds before.. and entered..
He didn't say a word....He shook his wings..fumbled with his feathers..and then flew up with a little flutter ...muttering something like...'AAAh'..and then crashed on the kitchen table..leaning his head in a very dramatic pose against the teapot..

-Who..so nice of you to drop by....said the Dutchess with a smile...
-Yes..nice..twittered Miss Mousie ,but could you please knock next time..I find a bang on the door to be very suspicious..one never knows what one will find on one's doormat..
-I am so sorry...said Who a bit out of breath...but I was in a hurry...And I didn't come alone..
-Is there somebody else going to bump into our kitchen door....twittered Miss Moussie curious..tell me Who..who..?..

Again Who started to fumble with his feathers...and flap his wings.. he didn't seem to be able to sit still...

-Who dear..please sit still for a while...you are making me nervous..are you having an itch..twittered Miss Moussie...and then she herself started to scratch her back..
-Is there something tickling you ,asked the Dutchess,when she saw Who starting to giggle and now jump up and down on the kitchen table..

-WHOOOHAHA..uttered Who ...just a minute....have to find something..WOOHAH.......AAAAh..there IT is....
-Where..where squeaked Miss Moussie..Who..you are scaring me now..I don't see IT..'

-But I do..said the Dutchess...will you look at that tiny little creature...how cute...

On the table next to Who's big owl feet..crawled a white wiggly wormy thing...Yes..a worm..!

-May I introduce to you..said Who..now relieved to got rid of this tickling thing...may I introduce to you..a worm from a book...and not just any book..this one comes from...Frankenstein..

The Dutchess and Miss Moussie where flabbergasted..they stood there staring at this wiggly THING...a sound came out of it...

-Hi there..it said...with a very tiny voice...I come from Frankensteins book and my name is Monster...how do you do..

First there was silence..and then Miss Moussie started to laugh..like she couldn't stop..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Miss M., I think you were so right to be suspicious of this creature...worms are icky!!!! But he sounds like a friendly bloak...greeting you an all; let The Dutchess carefully investigate him and pull out your spy kit so you can take a gander at this fellow before you proceed....hmmmmm, where is this adventure going to take me? I WANT TO FOLLOW ALONG! Nita

Jacqueline said...

Who did it again...made us laugh and made us smile. If it's good for Who it's good for a worm.

Your mind tick tocks in the land of Miss Moussie and Who and all who enter in are just so enchanted.

Play on please, and do it again...
Who, who..and who back to you.

Ron Mylar said...

Every body knows that there is a garden in every childhood and also every one can enjoy here for beautiful life.

Jeri Landers said...

And here I thought Who just wanted a cuppa tea. I wonder that Miss Mousie can be at all comfortable with a Who in the room! It is a good thing she has a sense of humor.

So happy for your visit today. Yes, it was rather mysterious when we awoke one morning to see the blocks spelling out a sheepish message! But we got the hint, and sheared all of them.


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