Light in the darkness...

On the Hilltop the days before Christmas were very busy...
Everybody was doing his best to make this the most wonderful Christmas holiday ever..

Sir Horatio Hog was in charge to arrange the lights...He was standing in the Library..looking up...
-Now that these poor little worms were in the dark for such a long time I am going to hang more then a million lights in this place...this he said to Mr C...who just entered the Hilltop Library...carrying a basket full of dusting cloths.
-Great idea my friend Horatio..said Mr C...there's more between heaven and earth then darkness...I'm sure you will do a grand job bringing light into the Library and to Hilltop Hall...
-I can't wait to see this..said the Dutchess..following Mr C and pulling behind her a vacuum cleaner..but please let us clean up first and dust the books and bookshelf's....
-Yes...OPEN those stuffy books...said C...let them breathe..(and... so he thought by himself...and...then I can take a quick look inside..he LOVED books).

Gustave was in charge of the Christmas dinner...he has been cooking for days and days....

And our dear Miss Moussie....she insisted to decorate the tree..with a little help from Elvira...
It took some time to get the tree inside the house..and for a while it was stuck at the winding stairs..the Library is at the second floor...so they had to drag the tree two spiral staircases up..!!

But today ..after some hard work...you are all ever so welcome to visit

The snowy Hilltop inhabitants would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!
Here's to you...my dear reader and friend..lets toast and sit down by the fire..Shake hand with the bookworms...and lets make them a promise..
Don't forget the BOOKS....because there are worms in it...!~We read to know we are not alone~(C.S Lewis).

And to end this little story Mr C would like to read you a poem he found whilst dusting the books...
John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922) ‘Bookworm Ballads, a literary feast

My Bookworm gave a dinner to a number of his set.
I was not there — I say it to my very great regret.
For they dined well, I fancy, if the menu that I saw
Was followed as implicitly as one obeys the law.

“’Twill open,” he observed to me, “with quatrains on the half.
They go down easy; then for soup” — it really made me laugh —
“The poems of old Johnny Gay” — his words were rather rough —
“They’ll do quite well, for, after all, soup’s thin and sloppy stuff.

“For fish, old Izaak Walton; and to serve as an entrée,
I think some fixed-up morsel, say from James, or from Daudet;
The roast will be Charles Kingsley — there’s a deal of beef in him.
For sherbet, T. B. Aldrich is just suited to my whim.

“For game I’ll have Boccaccio — he’s quite the proper one;
He certainly is gamey, and a trifle underdone;
And for the salad, Addison, so fresh and crisp is he,
With just a touch of Pope to give a tang to him, you see.

“And then for cheese, Max Nordau, for I think you’ll find right there
Some things as strong and mushy as the best of Camembert;
And for dessert let Thackeray and O. Khayyám be brought,
The which completes a dinner of most wondrous richness fraught.

“For olives and for almonds we can take the jokes of Punch —
They’re good enough for us, I think, to casually munch;
And through it all we’ll quaff the wines that flow forever clear
From Avon’s vineyards in the heart of Will of Warwickshire.”’

From...Cobwebs from a library corner (1899) gutenberg.

Thats all folks........Hope to see you again soon.....Stay warm and Stay Happy..!

Art-Pic nr 4 `Scott Gustafson.Town mouse and Country mouse.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh, now THAT was a feast my dear friend. Your imagination, your HILLTOP and the beloved friends that reside there are forever in my heart....oh you should see the dear book I got from Rattus; it is THE OLIVE FAIRY BOOK by Andrew Lang with a sweet collection of tales and splendid illustrations....a perfect companion for our snowy days ahead....wishing you peace and much love on Hilltop today mijn vriendin....Nita

Jacoba said...

Hi Dutchess,
Well, there is no any other feast for which we can so decorate our homes, cook the best we can, perform the best we can. This Christmas with all its snow has been the most silent Christmas ever.
I love the pictures! Also on the side bar.
Overhere the mice have come inside, they eat the breadcrumbs from my hoover (I think ...) and in the garage they warm themselves next to the engine of the fridge ..... I find sea shells, plant seeds, etc. Once I found a beautiful mouse nest, even paper and plastic and an elastic band had been used.
Well, off to the rest of the preparations of our Christmas dinner.
Music, music, everywhere!
Happy times!

Jeri Landers said...

Dear Duchess, What a glorious spread you and the inhabitants of Hilltop served! I should have known all would be quite busy and beautiful there. We at the Hollow send our best regards to fellow critters in your neck of the woods, and wish you a jolly good New Year. Keep up the wonderful artwork and tales!

kasthurirajam said...

beautiful blog

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My most precious little thing with wings.....I just happened to be working on my old blog that is now turned into a TESTING BLOG for some fun new applications...and I saw your most recent comment on my photos! AND THEN, I was so astonished and overwhelmed to see that you had visited my old post from October.....TWICE! You just visited me on December 25??????? I would not have seen that greeting had it not been for my curiosity to see if anyone ever commented on that old post....Oh dearest, I hope your little package arrives soon; Penny got hers, but she is in my side of the world.....I send you big hugs right back dear one!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oooooo, don't you just want to hide in all of the cupboards chez Miss Clara and play with all of her paper dolls? I am working on a paper bird.....if it comes out well, I will make more and set one free across the ocean to my zuster...let's build a little nest, most certainly!!! THANK YOU FOR VISITING DEAREST!!! Nita

And look at your bunny on the header!!! It looks like my yard....full of bunnies sinking in the snow banks!!


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