Slumber party..

We had a wonderful bonfire last night...now its time to rest our little heads...
Mr Horatio Hog just couldn't say goodbey to the bookworms..so he went home with Alice..and now he is sleeping in Wonderland..


Jacqueline said...

Oh dear, Sir Hog has it all wrong...he should have slept tight with Gretta not Alice!
Smile and a wink and a hug and lots of love from your Fairyland friend who hops, skips and jumps with you through Nowhere and Hilltop and beyond!
Happy New Year back to you! May you be blessed and at peace.

Jacoba said...

Well, the snow has melted (maybe because your bonfire was so warm), maybe I'll stop by for that plum pudding you left on the side bar!

Mooie titeltekst, vergeet ik steeds te melden!
Happy evening!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I think Mr. H. has it right...under the canopy of a fine book is where I would like to be for the rest of this cold winter!!!! Did you have a great bonfire my dearest? We had a divine evening of laughter with a friend. You came up in conversation...you almost always do! She had asked about our "RATS" that she sees around the house (Tea Rat and Rattus, that is!) and of course, the stories started to unfold.

May this year bring you much joy dearest, Nita

*✿* millie meadowsweet *✿* said...

a very happy new year to Mr.Horatio Hog and all at Hilltop xxx


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