Stormy weather..

Its a very blustery day at the Hilltop..so we all stay inside and watch a scary movie...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YIKES! SCARY INDEED! That spider, that ARRAIGNÉE has a frightening look on her face! It would be best then for the inhabitants of Hilltop to stay in, make some GOODIES and snuggle up together!!!! Such strange weather, isn't it dearest?


Jacqueline said...

Standing ovation!

Clapping until my palms hurt. What horror, what fright to think the bug eyed bee might die! Stuck in the web, oh my goodness. I wonder if everyone at Hilltop has long gone under the covers!???

I found myself laughing right out loud and enjoying the storm...immensely.

I hope many come for a visit, this flick should not be missed!
(Pippit took a trip on a shooting star to the moon in Nowhere!)


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