Hippety Hop..

The days are getting shorter on the Hilltop....a September sun shines through the hedgerows...making it easier for the woodland creatures to find cherries and berries...its harvest time...

Miss Moussie had a very busy day...with her basket filled with raspberries she is now heading towards Hilltop Hall..

-I'm going to bake a marvelous raspberry pie ..she twittered on her way to the Hilltop Hall kitchen..Its a surprise for the Dutchess when she comes home...
She made a little dance out of joy....thinking she was all alone and nobody could see her...But there Gustave leaped out of the bushes..with a big grin on his funny frog face..
-May I join you in this dance..he croaked..would you do me the honor Miss Moussie do do the Hippety Hop with me...?
-The Hippety Hop...twittered Miss Moussie with a twinkle in her eye...The HARVEST Hippety Hop....
-That's the one..croaked Gustave...and he grabbed some raspberries and started to throw them around..whilst hopping..
-Watch out...twittered Miss Moussie..this could get dirty...and she started throwing berries and cherries whilst hipping and hopping down the garden path...
-Now ..that's what I call Hippety Hopping croaked Gustave...Nobody does it better then you my dearest Moussie..

Dear reader and Friend....A new season has started on the Hilltop......Autumn arrived and is standing on our doorstep...and its very welcome..


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Miss Moussie...
How beautiful you look in your red coat.. What a lovely couple you and Gustave make, dancing the Hippety Hop! I know the Dutchess will jump for joy when she see's this yummy raspberry pie.. Looks as if you have collected enough raspberries for TWO pies... Would you be so kind as to save Bebe a piece? She just loves pie!

Beautiful illustration Dutchess!!!
Enjoy your Sunday.
My thoughts are with you.

Mapi said...

Oh this is so beautiful Miss Moussie, you look so happy while you are dancing and how handsome Gustave is!
The music is great !


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hallo Miss Mousie!!!
I do like the paynting ov yu dancing! An I wish I cud share sum ov yor raspberry pie! YUM!

Bear hugs!


Jacqueline said...

Autumn at Hilltop, there is no better place on earth, however, way across the world, a doorstep welcomes autumn too, in all her glory.
I love the happy dance and the thought of dodging raspberries. Don't use them up says the three little kittens, or you shall have no pie!


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