We had a wonderful Easter weekend on the HIlltop...

How was Your's....?


Mapi said...

Hello dear Dutchess, we too !!
Ik nodig je uit om even op mijn blog te kijken, Wonders happen !
Veel liefs

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am enjoying with SO MUCH LOVE, this wonderful tour of the Hilltop, a place where I KNOW love abounds and is created every day and is full of happiness. TO see the little one and her smile, just makes ME smile with so much fondness my dear. LOOK AT YOUR TULIPS, your CHOCOLATE, your beautiful table. THANK YOU for allowing us into your Hilltop Hall!!!!!!! AND SHE IS JUST THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRL!!!!

Mapi said...

Hello , Here I am again, Thanks for visiting my little paradise.
Your granddaughter is such a lovely darling !
This is all so wonderful !

Jacqueline said...

Tapping our toes and twitching our little nose in time to the music.

What a delightful Easter Day tour at Hilltop. The colors on your blog are like eating tasty cotton candy in April...I love it!

Did you know the artist Susan Branch sends out a email newsletter called WILLARD and she highlighted Beatrix Potter this month...

Thought you might like it, I think you'll find the link on her website if you are interested.

Today, I'm giving my daughter a bridal shower and the colors are lavender and teal blue but at the last moment I decided to add your lovely pink to the mix.

Happy Spring, happy everything!

Jacqueline said...

There is another little creature just like that one living in Washington! To my very surprise, the same one is in our thrift store now, causing trouble...in the high fashion, any squirrel would.

This weekend, I'm going to the theater and then off on a date with my husband tomorrow. Who knows where we will end up, perhaps in Nowhere. Oh yes, Gretta just baked cupcakes in Nowhere, saving some for all of you!


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