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Under the weather..

A strange way of saying but it is what it is...we are all a bit under the weather ...Somewhat indisposed... slightly ill. We need tea..and lots of it....Elvira dearest...do be carefull...before you"ll now it you will be under the teacup....

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT HERE TO THE RESCUE! If anyone can provide all the tea you need for a speedy recovery, it is I, TEA RAT!!

Oh dearest, I have been thinking of YOU and your newest exploits! I wish you well, send you a virtual hug, and hope that soon you will be back on your feet and ON TOP OF THE WORLD, rather than under the weather! And that Elvira best be careful or she is going to spill her tea cup! Tea Rat will NOT have that! teeehee


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