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A conversation in the kitchen...

 A cold and grey day in late November...a dark cloud is hanging over the Hilltop...lights are burning in the kitchen of Hilltop Hall.....and a warm fire is burning in the hearth..
Lets take a peek through the window and see what's happening there today...its been a long time since we heard from our Dutchess and Company..

Look..there's the Dutchess...sitting at the table...scribbling away on a piece of paper..and...o how wonderful....there's Miss Moussie..sitting on her thimble next to the teapot..
O dear..they are both looking so very serious....
I know its not a polite thing to do, but..lets listen to their conversation..through the keyhole..

-Its not easy..its not easy at all...finding gifts for everybody....sighed the Dutchess chewing on her pen..
-I know..I know...answered Miss Moussie...it gets more difficult every year...
-Maybe we are doing it wrong my dearest M....I believe we are missing something..
-Yes..we are missing a lot of gifts..for a lot of our friends...twittered Miss Moussie..!!!
-A lot of gifts...that's IT......that's the problem exactly my dear Watson...what would I do without you..
-.......Then..my dearest Sherlock..please explain what I just said..
-...We don't NEED a lot of gifts..now do we ?...We already HAVE what we need... the only thing we could add to that is something from the heart..something we made ourselves..just ONE gift..and a very special one indeed....
-....Then...maybe we could make name tags....and pick .from out of your bonnet..and then we make a very very special gift for the one we picked.....?
-Elementary dear Watson..we just  found an uncomplicated solution to the problem....how marvelous..!!!
-Then..I'm going to gather all of our friends into the kitchen....NOW!!
-And I'll put the kettle on....tea and cakes in a few  minutes...

0o...dear reader and friend...we better skedaddle...before Miss Moussie comes galloping out of the crack in the wall...
I don't know about you...but in the weeks to come I'm going to follow Miss Moussie's adventure called....The Christmas Presents!!!


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hello dear Dutchess,
I have missed Miss Moussie so very much, so has Bebe.. How nice to hear what she is up to. I cannot wait to see.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ooo! WHAT A BRILLIANT LITTLE MOUSE...no wonder Tea Rat is deeply head over heels for her. Of course she is a beautiful mouse, of great stature and physical beauty, but WHAT BRAINS! Beauty, brains, brawn, WOW what a woman! teeheee.....Tea Rat agrees with your plan dearest little friends. We too are sitting here writing for a class on HOW TO WRITE YOUR MEMOIRS; memories are a gift. How can we bottle them? The best way is in a book, a poem, something from the heart, indeed.

I had the best tea last night dearest: CHOCOLATE ORANGE. It was sent to me by a blogger sister and what a delicious cup. Maybe Miss M. would like a bag of tea. Then she can use the little used tea bag as a pillow and smell sweet perfumes as she lays her head down!

Have a wonderful day lieve zuster! Nita

Palomasea said...

Sweet and beautiful...that is always how I feel when visiting here!
Hello to all the dear ones! :)
Have a splendid week, dear Dutchess...
- Irina


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