A Red Velvet Cape..

Mr mole searched and searched..but no book about -How to deal with strange predicaments- was found..alas...

-O dear ..he sighed..now what?..I guess there's nothing left to do then just tell my problem to a friend..maybe...YES... maybe Miss Moussie could tell me what do to..!
And Mr Mole rushed out of his labyrinth to go visit Miss Moussie in her birds nest...

When he approached her little nest in the tree he could see a light burning....
-Aha...said Mr C...thank goodness she must be at home..let me check and take a peek through the window..
Mr C climbed up..-.and believe me this is not an easy thing to do for a mole-...and then pressed his little mole nose to the window to see what was going on inside..
He could hear Miss Moussie twittering...but he could hardly see where the twitter came from..it seemed to come from under a wave and whirl of red velvet...

-Marvellous..marvellous..twittered Miss Moussie...this is going to be just MARVELLOUS...a red velvet coat for Sit Horatio..just like the one Sherlock Holmes is wearing in one of my favourite books... I knew these old theatre curtains would be useful one day..O....goody...Horatio will be thrilled...and this coat will also be convenient when he gets prickly.... And I'll make him a hat too...with a feather..
MR Mole sat very still...not only because otherwise he could fall from the branch he was sitting on..but also because he was thinking....and thinking..and thinking..
This always takes some time for Mr C..he has a great mind so there's much in it to think about..and consider..

-I can not tell her...he whispered to himself..I can not tell her..l can hear how happy and busy she is....covered under all that velvet...I mustn't disturb her ...
I'll better go and find Gustave...Yes...that's what I will do next...!

Very carefully Mr C climbed down from the tree...and made his way through the Hilltop forest...to go and find Gustave..in the Hilltop Pond..


Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Oh dear! Mr. Mole still has not found his way out of his predicament, and Christmas will be here before we know it. I hope that Gustave has the solution for him.



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh, I feel like a little girl again, a little traveler in the land of Nowhere, where great friendship and storytelling happens. Now I am here with the Hilltop characters, so alive in your heart dearest one, and ALIVE ON THE PAGE ONCE AGAIN!

OK, Miss M., oh divine one! You are busy indeed! I love your industrious little mind to take old theatre curtains to make a splendid gift for your dear friend. THIS IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE, no?

Your little cape is going to be just marvelous, just SUPER! teeheee...be careful little mole, you do not want to drop to the ground!


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