On a bright and crisp winter morning a strange parade strutted down the Hilltop Lane..

There was..a squirrel..a frog..a hedgehog...a mouse...and a big fluffy feathered owl...all carrying packages...presents to be precise...!
They walked into the Hilltop kitchen..invited by the Dutchess...who also carried a present...a big one...she almost disappeared behind it...
Then with very serious looking faces the parade came to a halt in the hallway..under the Christmas tree..(its still Christmas at the Hilltop, for all you readers who did not follow this story..and for all who lost track..;-)

-Finally..said the Dutchess.. wonderful...we all have our presents ready, now we just have to wait for Christmas morning to open them..I'm so exited..
-Yes...me too..croaked Gustave...and nervous..
-Don't be nervous you silly frog...twittered Miss Moussie..I'm sure that whoever you made your present for will just LOVE it..
-You are absolutely right my dear Miss...said Sir Horatio..because speaking for myself..I KNOW that the person I made my present for will be over the moon with it..

Miss Moussie raised one eyebrow..like she always does when she finds something very strange ..then, suddenly looked around in surprise and twittered..
-Everybody...where is Mr Mole..?

-Late...late like he always is..hooted Who...
-Maybe he is a bit shy...Elvira said dangling from the chandelier...
.She is a squirrel who loves shiny glittery things..so..she just can;t stay away from this chandelier when she sees it..
-This could very well be the case..said the Dutchess..lets give him some time and space..I'm sure he will deliver his present later..and please come down from up there Elvira...please be carefull..you might  drop your present..!
-Yes ..listen to our Dutchess Elvira..twittered miss Moussie..chandeliers can be very suspicious..and how come you look so sparkling my dear....its looks like you are covered with fairy dust..

A few moments later the parade left the hall....and they all just couldn't wait till Christmas morning...to open their presents..

  Elvira...will you come down from there...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oooo....I am a bit late, but am I ever glad I looked at my "train schedule" (blogroll...shhhh) to see that you had a TRIP to take me on this morning!

OK...it is one magical thing that Christmas is still going on chez la Duchess, but to suspend from the chanderlier with FAIRY DUST ON YOU? NOW YOU ARE TALKIN' my kind of FUN!

You make my heart jump out of my chest. The magic you draw (shhhhh...I mean, the magic the creatures at your home make!) and the movement, the fairy dust....oh dear, you grab me every time. BRAVO MY DEAR. You know, tell me dearest, do you suddenly find yourself PULLED in by these creatures? I literally forget and BELIEVE I am there, talking to Elvira and seeing Miss M.'s eyebrow go up! I CAN SEE IT!



Palomasea said...

As our precious Anita says...yes...I am always pulled into a good story too!! And such charm, magic, and delightful characters...chandeliers and fairy dust!!
(Be careful up there little Elvira!)
Wonderful, dearest Dutchess!
Hugs from Minnesota,
- Irina

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I just came by to see what was happening with the creatures on your grounds today dearest! We saw a large rabbit dash out of the bushes and a new finch coming to the abandoned bird house. She was stuffing it with straw for a nest! Now in the weeks to come, she will start singing for a mate. Fingers crossed and bird claws crossed, she will get her mate!

I hope you are enjoying pre-spring on the Hilltop and that the animals are behaving!


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