..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...


Miss Mouse

Meet Miss Mouse,she is doing her daily shopping...


MILLY said...

I have a mouse and a robin in my garden. The mouse from behind the plantpots appears to steal some bread. The robin has been feeding a baby with the bread. Enjoyed yor blog, love insects too.

Anita said...


Gracias por visitar mi blog. Me alegro mucho de que te gustara EspaƱa. Yo vivo en las Islas Canarias (en la isla de Tenerife)

Tu blog es muy relajante y tiene fotos muy bellas.


Thanks for visiting my blog. I´m glad that you liked Spain. I live in The Canary Islands (in Tenerife Island)

Your blog is so relaxing and has very beautiful photos.


Fern said...

Hello Duchess,
Your blogs are enchanting, I am so glad you stopped by mine.
The little mouse is sweet and you are so lucky to have a red squirrel visiting you. We have them nearby but sadly not in the garden.

Robert said...

I found you via my friend Rosie and the comment you posted. I will visit you again. I like the musical touch and your choices.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

How sweet to see Miss Mouse enjoying a little crumpet. I am sure she is bringing it over to my house to share with me!

Terra Hangen said...

Little Miss Mouse is adorable on her shopping trip.
My cats would love to meet her!


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