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Attack of the Jumping Spider..

Its a busy mice,snails,and spider season at the Hilltop!
Only Yesterday I was rescuing a fieldmouse(yes again) from Mr Bee.The poor little creature ,after a wild chase through the house ,ended up hiding under the telephone! Mr Bee sat there watching the telephone for ours,and so did I, because I wanted to help this little moussie..At that time the living room looked like we where planning to redecorate,chair's aside and curtains lifted.
Mr bee ,at one point had to go potty (lol)and there the little moussie went tiptoeing through the living room.So..,I tried to be very clever and closed quickly the door behind Mr.Bee's behind ,heading towards the garden door,to set the fieldmouse free..Then my Husband came in from the frontdoor asking," what are you doing."?"No time to explain now",I was saying in a hurry,"have to save the moussie"."Again",my hubby said smiling,"you can not save every mouse from The Big Bee!And what's that following you on the floor"?
I quickly turned around expecting to see the mouse but there it was... a Very Big Spider Jumping behind me!!!I don't like spiders,and I really don't like jumping one's
Wel,what to do first,the spider or the mouse? My dear husband walked the spider to the garden gate and I showed the fieldmouse the way to the door..Free atlast..
Mr.Bee in his potty room was protesting loudly..saying HE wanted to escort the fieldmouse to the field ..NOT!
"Lets give The Bee a little snack to calm his nerves" my hubby suggested,and went to get the Bee's plate."O...look at this", my hubby sead surprised.In the middle of the plate a fat snail was sitting very comfortable,eating leftover catfood!Time to save a snail,and then... all was well at the Hilltop again..For now ,I will not mention the squirrels,flemish jay's,frogs,fish,duck's etc,etc ,living in the garden. I will save it for a rainy day...

Jumping spiders are named after their hunting way: they jump on their prey, often from quite a distance. Before jumping they attach a wire to the surface they are sitting on. In this way they can always return to the place they jumped from. They never weave a web though. Because they jump on their prey, jumping spiders have to be able to judge the distance. That can be best done with two (or four) eyes slightly apart thus giving a stereoscopic view. People and owls have two adjacent eyes just for that purpose. The jumping spiders have six eyes and two of them are extremely large. Their main function is to estimate distance.
You can often find it on sunny spots on walls. When you have its attention it will lift its head in order to follow every your movement with the big eyes. It can be 'tamed' and accepts food: it will gladly take a plant louse offered in a set of pincers.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I'm not sure I like spiders. Mummy is very scared of them. She feeds them to the vacuum cleaner.


RoyalTLady said...

BUT you are surely not scared of ...
climbing up the spout
down came the rain
and washed the spider out

My little grandson, Harith, shrinks his body when I sing this nursery rhyme to him.


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