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The Tale of Peter Rabbit 1/2


Blue said...

Just perfect.
I'm going to come back & watch it again, & I see there are other tales on U-Tube too.

Fern said...

Duchess how lovely and nice to see they used the real Hilltop unlike the Renee zellweger film.
Is it a coincidence your house is called Hilltop too or did you name it after BP's Hilltop?

Barbara Martin said...

Perfect for a writing day. I'd forgotten how delightful the Peter Rabbit story was. Certainly you will post part 2 with the nasty Mr. McGregor.

Once in a while I come across a real Mr. McGregor and ask him if he's seen Peter lately. Only one got cranky with me when he realized I was talking about Beatrix Potter's story.


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