..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...



And a great party it was....guess what...Mr Bee came to party too..In disguise..
He came down on a parachute and landed in the garden..then,he intruduced himself as Bond..James Bond.Cool..So,Catwoman danced with James B,Frankenstein with his lovely bride,and Gustave had an interesting conversation with Miss Peach and Whiskers up the tree..something about ..to be,or not to be,up a tree,that was the question!
The hedgehog family was present wearing Witches hats,very cute,and a little Robin dressed as Batman gave us a real fright because he was skydiving from the rooftop,shouting.."Batman,batman"..don't worry,he's oke......no animals got hurt.
Then..in the middle of the party, a Ghost appeared....all white with scary hair!!
My goodness..it was our sweet Dutchess in her nightgown..Oeps,.... we forgot to tell her about our party....So sorry.
We are all very tired now...time to go to sleep.Only one garden creature is still wandering about in the dark to see the bats fly by.Its Gerald (flemish)Jay....he talks funny and is not to be trusted,always picking on somebody..But tonight he behaved and like us he found the party to be "Vewy Scawy'

See ya later.....your Miss Moussie


RoyalTLady said...

Hahahaha, so you gate crash their party?

You made me laugh alone!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely and fanciful.
We have a little mousie who lives in our house - lively and lovely - however I don't want him to make a nest in the linen closet.

Maggie Ann said...

What a delightful party...I enjoyed seeing it thru your eyes...=)


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