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VERY SCARY Halloween party in the garden..

Listen...There is a strange wind blowing in the garden..
We are going to have so much fun today..and tonight..its going to be VERY SCARY..
You are ALL invited to the best Halloween party EVER..
Gustave is coming...his Hibernate can wait..and he will be attending as.. The Hulk..well being green thats a great idea..Elvira..a sweet gentle and sometimes very naughty Lady squirrel is dressed as The Bride of Frankenstein. She always wanted to do this sometimes! Great hairdo! Her Husband ..Eduard,you did not meet him uptil now because he dousn't like to be in the picture ,will be accompanying his enchanting wife as..yes..The Monster of Frankenstein himself!
And then ofcourse there is lovey me..Miss Moussie the Gate Keeper,and I wil go as...Cat Woman...MIAUW!
Lets party..and be scary....see ya later..


The Dutchess said...

Dear Gillian..lost your note ,I believe its somewhere between the the pumpkins..I am so sorry. We do hope Whiskers will come at our party..he will be more the welcome. We will safe him a nice spot up the tree..Its a very high tree so this will be a scary climb. Not to worry we have Catwoman in our midst,,she will talk him down and be sure he returns safely home to you..Have a very scary weekend..
Best regards.. Miss Mouse

RoyalTLady said...


Very interesting indeed. You are very creative! I am smiling as I am reading this scribe of yours.

AH always browse through Mr.Bee and all in the family. He adores cats.He often sits on my lap while browsing and makes small meow sound each time passing Mr.Bee.

Yes, my house is never without happenings...because me and AH enjoy life a lot. Everything passing through become our event of the day.

RoyalTLady said...

I have not been able to snap any pictures of squirrels yet. They move too fast... they live outside my fence and move about on these tall trees outside my bedroom.

Your scribe cheers up many hearts!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Dearest Miss Mousie...thank you ever so much for the wonderful invitation to the midnight ball in the garden. SO nice to meet Gustave in his Hulk costume. He shared some of the cake you baked for him with me...isn't he the gentleman!
You make a cute cat woman Mousie...I have always admired the wee mice and I know you and I iwll become great friends...
So let us sit up in the tree and watch the bats fly by....cuddle up close to me and keep warm...


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