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Christmas Lights..

We had a fun day today...very busy with Cristmas shopping and decorating!
The garden looks ever so lovely..its a magical winterwonderland!
It wasn't easy..we had a little problem..We lost the christmas lights...
Well, a christmas without lights in the tree isn't Christmas,so we started a searchparty..In my Houssie,no... I am a very organized mouse. I knew we wouldn't find them there..Maybe in the pond..o dear,then our problem would be even bigger..We had to wake up Gustave ,pour little thing..He came out from under the water lillies mumbeling"Is it Spring yet"? And then was very disapointed to see Snow..
We kindly askt him to go see if the Christmas lights where on the bottom of his pond.Gustave likes to collect beautiful things you know,the pond is full of them,especialy with shiny coins. A real treasure according to Gustave!
Gustave had to think for a minute ,and then said that he was very sure that he hadn't seen lights in months...and please could he go back to sleep..
With a big splash Gustave disappeared back into the dark water..Now what..
We searched every houssie in the garden and became very tired. No lights to be found..
It was already starting to get dark...Shall I light a candle,I sugjested,and then went in my houssie to get one..I love candle light. On special days I give wonderfull candlelight dinnerparties..So I opened my kitchen cupboard and..there they where...The christmas lights..
Can you imagine the look on everybody's face when I came out of the kitchen wearing a string of lights around my neck..Silly me....

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