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I can see clearly now..

I can see clearly now the snow is melting...
I found my glasses..been surching for weeks..I really need them because sometimes I do stupid things..like,not finding my way home or.. putting the wrong end of the spoon in my mouth,silly me.. and I can not read my Newspaper!Anyway...Wanted to give you the latest news today....Our sweet Dutchess is going to do something special next week. She is borrowing a camera..a big one..so she can make better movies in the garden..at least she is going to try..


RoyalTLady said...


I got a shock in my blog roll... a huge spectacles suddenly appeared!

Haha... now you can see better and must come to my blog more often to read and write comments...


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

We are looking forward to the results from the new camera!

#1 has come home and we are happy to be with her again. Thank you for your kindness to us when Sen-Chan went to the Bridge.

Tom and Tama-Chan


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