..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...


Planting day

The weather on the Hilltop is ever so lovely...I do believe its spring my dear..Our Dutchess is going to plant some flowers in the garden and in the flower pots..I can help her.But I always seem to get a bit sneezy when I'm sitting in flowers..ahchoo..o sorry..


acornmoon said...

What a cute photo!

Enjoy your planting.

Sandy said...

What a darling picture!

Sophia Rose said...

Hello there little mouse~
So glad you had a grand adventure & are back now.

{Cute picture}

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest friends! What lovely flowers you have planted! Miss Moussie, you must take your allergy medicine before playing in the garden! I am soooooo glad to have seen you in the theatre. You all looked so dashing. I see that you took some hors d'oeuvres BEFORE sipping on the champagne. Bonne idée,but you did teeter and totter a bit. Mozes is a much bigger soul and can handle his liquor! I love you all and tell the Dutchess that she has a surprise to look forward to on my blog for April. Shhhh...she is going to be the recipient of the Angel Award for April, but SHHHHHHHH!!! Bonne nuit mes amis! Anita


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