..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...


Gustave.... where are you?

Miss Moussie came home late at night...in a dark and rainy garden..Silence..only the sound of the rain and the wind in the willow. She was so happy to be home again...France was very beautiful..the frenche cheese was exquisite....she made new friends in a lovely frenche garden, but...its like they say..there is no place like home.
And there Miss Moussie was ,standing with her suitcase in the rain...waiting to be welcomed....where was everybody? No Mozes at the garden gate..no Gustave hopping around..just the rain,the wind,and the sound of thunder in the backgound..o dear ..there was a storm coming....
'Hello...hello there...anybody home..'Miss Moussie called with a sqeaky voice...'Gustave,dearest..where are you'?
There was no answer..Now miss moussie became very worried...something was wrong!
She dropped her suitcase and as fast as her little moussie feet could run she rushed off to the pond..
The pond was covered with green..ferns,water lilies,all kinds of wild flowers...a little wilderness..how to find Gustave in this emerald labyrinth...
Miss Moussie called again while she was trying to find a way to the water..'Gustave,dearest..are you there..please answer me...'
Then a sound from behind startled her..what was that..? A big shadow appeared..it came crawling out from under the lillac tree...and it mumbled...'So sorry.. I fell asleep under the lilacs..so good to see you my dear Miss Moussie..we missed you terribly..let me give you a cuddle..And before she new it Mozes (because that's who it was)lifted her up ..and gave her a big bear hug!
-Oh,my sweet Mozes,are you oke..I was beginning to think there was nobody home..do you know where Gustave is..the pond looks like a big swamp..I am worried!
-Don't worry ,I saw gustave a few of days ago and he looked just fine...I believe he made plans to go on a field trip..he prefered the open grounds for a while being the pond the way it is today..I do hope our dear Dutchess can clean things up around here...in three wekes time the garden looks like the rain forest..
-O no..the open field you say...that's dangerous for a frog..he might be getting trampled on by a cow or swooped of by a stork..we must plan a surch party emediatly,and we must hurry.. there is a storm comming..
Miss Moussie began running towards her houssie to get the things they might need in the surch for Gustave.. like a flashlight...an umbrella..and ofcourse some cookies..field trips can make you hungry.At the very moment she stormed into her living room she heard a familiar voice ...a voice with a croak..saying...'Welcome Welcome..Welcome Home...'and then the lights went on and balloons were popping and a bird concert started...There was Gustave...holding the biggest cake he ever baked..smiling a big frog smile..and there where all Miss Moussie's garden friends, gathered to cellebrate her save return to the garden..
The welcome home party lasted until dawn...then Miss Moussie went to sleep..listening to the sound of the wind in the willow...and she was very very happy.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my divine little friend, I am so glad to hear your tale of returning home, and that all is well! Never doubt the friendships that surround you; you have two marvelous gentlemen in your life that care for you! Mozes supposes his noses are roses, Mozes supposes eroniously! And Gustave is a faithful friend as well; I bet he had cooked up a grand meal, piping hot that was waitingjust for you. Boy, let me tell you, we missed you out here in the United States. Things just aren't the same without your magical wit and charm little one. I see you tried French cheese. I love it, but I do not have the stomach of a mouse, I can't eat cheese! I am thrilled to death that the lovely Dutchess is home and that we can meet in my evening garden. There will be an opportunity to meet and discuss things with the creatures! Come back soon, Anita

Miss Sandra said...

How very sweet! Welcome home Miss Moussie. You were missed by all!


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