..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...


Put it in the pumpkin

Slowly, step by step..Mozes followed the Jiffy trail..Mr C close behind him..then Gustave with Miss Moussie clinging on to his arm....
-I thought this was supposed to be a quick way to travel...twittered Miss Moussie...Mozes can you see where we are going...are we there yet...I can't see a thing,its ever so dark..
-Well..I believe I can see something ,..'bet you can't see what I see', said Mr C.
-No we can't ,said Mozes a little impatient,Mr C... please tell us what you see and don't keep us in suspense...
-I see.. I see...one ..no, two..no.. three..I believe I see a couple of lights in the distance
-Thank Goodness..that means we are almost home..squeaked Miss Moussie relieved.
-I wouldn't be to sure of that, said mozes,I can see the lights too and they don't look like our fairy lights in the garden....they look like ...pumpkins..
- Pumpkins,croaked Gustave...You mean this big round orange things...
-That's what I mean dear friend..Glowing pumpkins...
-Oke, that's it...squeaked Miss Moussie..glowing pumpkins are very suspicious..its not even Halloween yet...'I am going back...come on Gustave..'and Miss Moussie began to pull Gustave's arm...'lets turn around..'
-SSSsstt...quiet...everybody ssstand ssstill now...the pumpkin lights are getting closer..stuttered Mr C jumping up and down.
-Now they all were standing very still and very close together..they saw five glowing pumpkin lights.. bouncing and dancing through the forest...coming closer and closer...they stopped in front of our little scary troupe..then the pumpkins began to sing..

We welcome you in the middle of the night
and hope we gave you a real big fright
put in each pumpkin your destination mail
then you'll be gone in a Jiffy on the Jiffy trail..

-Singing Pumpkins,whispered Miss Moussie,can it get any crazier..
-I think I know what they are trying to tell us..said Mr C...we have to write a letter telling where we want to go,then put it in the pumpkin..and of we go..
Miss moussie grabbed her purse..she twittered, where are my glasses...can't write without my glasses....and paper...does anyone have pen and paper.?
-Here,take my pen ,said Mr C,I always carry it with me to write down important
things..and we can write on a leaf..I will gather five from the beeche tree.
And so they did...they all wrote down where they wanted to go..and they all thought they were going to be home in a jiffy..
Each of them walked up to a pumpkin ....together on the count of three they dropt there destination mail.....and poof..where gone in a jiffy...
I wonder where to..
Oh,look there is one pumpkin left....its your's...where do you want to go..do you know your destination...just anywhere,somewhere or nowhere at all...lets hope we will meet again..stay tuned..

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Italo said...

My dutchess, delightfull Post and blog. Best regards, Sir Italo.


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