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A Tale told by a Mouse..

One's upon a time a long long time ago..there was a bear...he lived alone in a dark pinewood forest.
Days went by,months went by,years went by and the bear lost track of time...He remembered being a young strong bear catching fish in the river,he remembered being a young cub, playing, catching butterflies..but now, the bear was very old and tired, and he knew there wasn't much time left for to make new memories for him to remember later....this made him very sad. If only he could stop time from passing by...
One very beautiful summer night the bear wandered trough the grasslands...he walked slowly...enjoying the night air and the light of the full moon standing proudly above him...o..those summer nights..and that beautiful starry sky..at that moment the bear made a wish. He wished he could be a star...a star who would shine for ever and ever..How tired he was...he had to lay down for a moment in the grass..his eyes gazing at the sky...Look.. there he saw a very bright star...did this star just move, or did his eyes play tricks on him...no ,it did move...It could be a falling star...but no...it was falling down very slow...it was kind of gliding like a leaf in the wind.
The bear didn't dare to move...mesmerized....spellbound...he just knew something wonderful was bound to happen.
The shiny little star came closer and closer...and then the bear heard that this little star had a voice..a clear crystal sound, like from a silver bell. And this sweet little voice was saying..'Lay still..very still, for I am going to land on your nose..'
And so the little star landed....and the bear holding his nose high up in the air was trying to see wat exactly had landed there...this wasn't very easy..
'Hello there'..he heard the little voice say...and he felt a flutter on his nose that almost made him sneeze..
"O no,dear bear,please...hold your breath..you might sneeze me off into the pine forest...and I came all the way down here to ask you a very important question..'
"What question might that be"...asked the bear very curious...still trying to get a clear view of what was sitting there on his nose...
"I came to ask you if you would like to go with me up into the air and help me ...I am the fearless gatekeeper in the sky and I could use some help from a big strong and very wise bear...
"Help you...how can I do that"said the bear,looking very cross eyed..now beginning to see a tiny winged creature ...could this creature be a ....mouse? Could there really be a mouse with wings..sitting on his nose?
'Dear bear'...said the creature...'we need your wisdom to guide people..you know we live in troubled times and when people are lost they need someone to help them find there way...they need something that will be there for ever and ever..as a beacon..a lifeline..A star..'
'A star'...the bear jumped up for joy..'I am going to be a star'?
"O my goodness"...squeaked the little voice,"now look what you did,this is not a good start in helping someone finding her way...Now I"m lost in the clover...please pick me up.."
The bear looked down and there he saw a little light in the grass..very gently he stretched out his paw ..'Come on' said the bear...'You can climb on safely...I promise not to jump up again..'And there on his paw a tiny shiny fairy mouse climbed up...'Now I can see you better,smiled the bear...you are a mouse..'
"No no no...I am a fairy mouse, a fairy with a tale ..And I do hope this tale will have a happy ending ..so please dear Bear will you come with me ...You will be not just one star ...because you are so big and strong you are going to be seven shining stars and when people look up to the sky they will see you there, shining, for ever and ever and they will feel safe and sheltered'.
"This is a very important job",said the bear....'well,I always wanted to be a star..and seven stars..o my, who could resist..My sweet fairy mouse, my answer is going to be..Yes... It would be a great honor..'
'Then,my dear bear friend we have to hurry..time flies..please, let me sit on your nose again because I have to give you a kiss...after that...lift off ..the sky is the limit my dear bear friend..'
Sitting on the bears nose the fairy mouse gave her furry friend a sweet tiny kiss on his forehead and the very next minute they where gone....
Off to eternity...and until this day..and for ever and ever ..you can see the big bear standing there, shining, in his sheltering sky..



E said...

such a lovely story :) i truly enjoyed it

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my dear...I have tears in my eyes....I am speechless my dearest! What a magical and truly enchanting tale my friend! The Tea Rat is most intrigued and wants more! Please, more, more, more! We shall look up into the sky tonight and look for this burly beast, shining in the night sky! Tell us true...is this the great Mozes? Has he been whisked away from us for eternity? We didn't get a chance to say goodbye...Anita

Dreary Mouse said...

I love mice :) My blog is sometimes written by a mouse called Dreary Mouse ...

I make lil character mice out of felt. If you want to see them, I have a lot of pictures on my blog: mossmountain.blogspot.com :)


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