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Counting the days...

Dear you...Lets walk while we talk..Today I would like to take you on a tour....we are going to visit the kitchen of Hilltop Hall...a marvelous place to be this time a year...it's warm and cosy, and there is always food on the table..Scrumptious stews..marvelous marmalades..delicious dumplings..terrific tea..wonderful waffles..crunchy cookies,and more yummy stuff..Food for the soul..I love to sit by the crackling fire that's burning in the heart of the stove.In the kitchen,very proudly ,stands a very old cabinet...The grandfather from our dear Dutches made it himself..from a Cherry tree..a tree that blossomed every year in the garden but sadly,one cold winter night.. died..Rumour goes the tree died under a spell..the curse of the Garden Gnome...a magical creature that wanders the Hilltop grounds..it sometimes visits Hilltop Hall by night. He is the tiniest Gnome you ever did see..if you ever DID see one that is...most people never see a Gnome in there entire life...So,better be ware when you walk the Hilltop grounds...you might step on it..Its possible to hear him coming...he likes to sing..well,its more a humming sound..like from a Bee..it sounds a bit creepy if you ask me...And there is another thing you need to know about him! When the moon comes out and stars are shining bright...the Gnome haunts the rooms of the Hilltop Hall and can attack you from out of a dark corner...jumping into your hair, twisting it in a thousand knots...whilst humming his spells..
They say he casted a spell on the Cherry tree..so it would never bloom again... all this because this horrible creature wanted to eat Cherries in wintertime...and the poor Cherry tree asked him to please wait until summer....Our beautiful tree withered and died..The Dutchess's grandfather then decided to make a cabinet.This man was a great carpenter..He carved Cherry blossoms and wild Ivy in the cabinet doors to honor the tree,and so ,in a wonderful way it is like she is still in bloom..and now for ever and ever.. When we arrive in the kitchen ,please say something nice to the cabinet..then you will be able to smell the sweet sent of Cherry blossom and see the Ivy grow..
In a secret drawer..hidden inside the cabinet...you can find the cabinets wonder...it really is something like a miracle..A little drawer filled with 24 letters ,letters carved out of that same enchanted wood from the Cherry tree...24 letters forming the Alphabet.When our Dutchess was a little girl she used to play with the letters...soon to find out that this alphabet wasn't just an ordinary one...It could spell on his own....and it was to be found everywhere..hiding under the table..running down the stairs..walking through the forest,playing hide and seek..But always doing so by making words..like when they ran,they formed the words..VERY FAST..
Later, when our Dutchess grew up to be a girl who knew many many words..the alphabet retired..Now only to come out when it was absolutely necessary..if there occurred a spelling problem of some sort..last time we did see it was last Christmas,when we didn't know how to spell..'gorgeous'..because that's how I looked in my red Christmas dress..Speaking of Christmas dearest..I am counting the days...please promise me you come visit me on Christmas day...
Almost there now...we are about to enter the kitchen..Come inside dear one..and lets sit at the kitchen table...there I will tell you more..about the Hilltop Hall and its secrets..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my dearest Dutchess,
You have pulled me right into your cozy kitchen, by the crackling fire, and I want to know more!!!! What a marvelous picture you painted for me of your grandfather and what a wonderful way to keep the spirit of the tree alive.....a cabinet with such a special meaning; I can't wait to celebrate the holidays of Christmas with you!!!! Hail to Hilltop!! Anita

Rita said...

Hi dear Dutchess,
while writing I'm thinking of a more appropriate way to address a Dutchess which I have on the ip of my tongue but just won't come out. so I guess you'll have to make do with "Dear".
I've just discovered your blog via a comment of yours at Anita's blog.
What a pleasant surprise is it to bump into a Dutchess' garden - You have indeed a great, amusing, and creative blog. A real pleasure to read and hence I've joined as as a follower.
Your daily walks in the garden and guest hosting permitting, I'd be honored if you'd come and visit me at http://ritashabbychicrose.blogspot.com/. My humble blog is always warmly open to peerage and nobility.
With warm wishes

Jacqueline said...

I'm captivated by this story. In adding my two cents worth...I know quite a bit about gnomes and you are very right, some are darn right naughty! I do hope your dear cabinet can one day find forgiveness for that gnome. The world of good and evil can be found and even a gnome can have a very bad day. The poor guy was starving and selfish for those cherries indeed. Perhaps a memorial is needed. I know gnomes well enough that the naughty gnome probably died of a broken heart, for being so naughty. This is a bittersweet story for sure and I feel the need to travel into the Hilltop kitchen for sure, to calm my nerves.


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