..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...



Are you sitting comfy Dearest...Will you pour us a nice cup of tea..I am afraid this teapot is to big for a little moussie like me..we will treat ourselves to a piece of chocolate cake..and then I will continue my story..
Isn't it warm and quiet in the Kitchen..you can hear the clock ticking and the fire softly crackle..you could almost fall asleep after this lovely walk we had in the Hilltop Forest..
Well,where was I....O Yes...About the Alphabet,the Alphabet that's hidden in the old Cabinet!
There you see the cabinet..standing before you..isn't it marvelous...What did you say...Its bigger then you expected it to be..Yes my dear...its grand..and full of wonderful and magical things...Later we will take a piek inside...
I am so sorry that I'm not aloud to show you the secret drawer where the Alphabet hides..because then it wouldn't be a secret anymore now would it..!
There is another little something I have to tell you about the Alphabet...and I would like to ask you a question..How many letters has the alphabet as you know it..?
In Hilltop language there are 26....and if you remember well, I told you that the Alphabet in the secret drawer only counts 24....So...Yes My dear..You are absolutely right...two letters are missing...
When our Dutchess was young,she was a very headstrong little girl..
It wasn't easy to teach her something..She always had to find out herself why things were as they were!
She always started to answer a question,(like for instance this one,"Is it so that one and one makes two")with...NO.....This, to be on the safe side ..she could always change it in ,yes, if she was absolutely sure that, even in a very exceptional case, it would never be possible that one and one could ever make three!
The alphabet had a lot of patience with this sweet stubborn girl...all the letters loved Victoria very dearly.. they told her many many stories and often kept her from harm by warning her and giving her messages..Now, you may ask ,what has all this to do with the missing letters..Well...Dearest...two of the letters from this magical alphabet did also learn something ...They learned to say..NO!
You may have experienced yourself how hard it can be to just say No when you have to do something you really don't feel like doing...wasn't this easier when you were a child...like little Victoria..when you just could have a terrible fit from time to time and scream NO!
The letter N and the letter O thought so too and decided it would be marvelous to scream NO together ,so...one night they secretly sneaked out of the drawer and ran away...never to be seen again..They can only be found when you can scream louder then they do..I must say its fun to try...I did ones....together with Gustave..there we were..a moussie and a frog ..screaming at the top of our longs...NOOOOOOO..we did feel ever so much better after that..
Speaking of Gustave...he told me he would come and join us today...we must pay attention to the doormat..
There is this entrance under the flowerpot...I always use it..You enter the flowerpot...then slide through a crack in the wall..and you appear from under the doormat..We've done that more than a thousand times...never a problem..
O...there he is..one leg that is..and there follows the rest of the frog..including his bow tie..
Gustave ,sweet friend..so good to see you..may I introduce to you a Kindred Spirit..who came to visit Hilltop Hall and listen to all our stories of wonder..
Come sit on our table...make yourself comfortable and tell us about the secrets of the Hilltop known to thee...whilst we sip our tea..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh I am enchanted by this little headstrong girl....I know someone exactly like that; a little dark-haired girl that also wrote stories and drew pictures of animals....hmmm, what a character this little Victoria is! Oh dear, may I have another cup of tea and hear more????Gustave, please, back some oatmeal cookies with raisins! I will stay up with you all until midnight and listen to all the tales you have to tell!

Jacqueline said...

What a smarty pants you are with this story of the missing letters. Wippppeee, dippeeeee, another mystery solved! NO, I love it. My favorite missing letters would be "NEXT".

Oma Nijn's Country Huis said...

hallo dames.

ik geniet van jullie blog.
wil je op mijn blog kijken, ik heb een verassing voor jullie .

groetjes oma nijn

Riet said...

Wat een mooie blog is dit. Ik zag je naam bij oma nijn.Ik ga je volgen.


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