..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...


Mouse tracks..

Elvira soon found Gustave..She heard from a little bird that Gustave was having tea with Miss Moussie in the Kitchen.
Gustave was enjoying some quiet time..looking out of the window...watching snowflakes fall..

Elvira hopped on the kitchen window seal and with a very elegant tap she politely knocked. .....

-'O ,there's Elvira'..twittered Miss Moussie..'she must be ever so cold standing guard at the garden gate all day..I will ask her in for a cup of tea'.
Whilst opening the window she squeaked..'Come in Elvira dearest,and sit yourself down by the fire'.
Elvira rushed in....taking with her a whirl of snowflakes...
She didn't take time to sit down but immediately started talking..

-'Gustave ,there is someone to see you at the gate...that is ..she is sitting on the bird feeder waiting to be fed...and she wants you do feed her...'said Elvira very exited!
Gustave,who was just stirring his tea...with four lumps of sugar..paused..
-'Did I hear you correctly Elvira'..he croaked puzzled..'I am sure I didn't understand you correctly..?'
-'He has to feed WHOM with whát...twittered Miss Moussie curious..'and whére...?'
-In his restaurant said Elvira...Unexpected...
-Unexpected ,twittered Miss Moussie,'unexpected..I knew something unexpected was about to happen..told you so..I hate unexpected things...they can be very suspicious...I want to know more about this'...and then she grabbed her bonnet,mittens, and coat,swooped down under the doormat, to wiggle herself through the crack in the wall,this wasn't easy to do wearing all this thick winter cloths..!

See how she runs.....followed in her tracks by Elvira...and ofcourse Gustave..

In the kitchen the Cuckoo clock stopped ticking...the little clock door opened and the Cuckoo came out...
-'This was the last cuckoo you will ever hear from me in this kitchen', it cuckood...'I am off...I packed my bags and I am going back to Cuckoo land...Farewell..!'
And with a bang the door closed behind him.

What happened up there..?


Jacqueline said...

Good day to you dear Dutchess and friends. I'm concerned about that cuckoo clock door slaming shut. Tis known when that happens it must be quite serious! I'll be standing by with fingers crossed that the outcome is not turbulent. Yikes!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear...the little Miss Moussie is always finding herself in the middle of something very interesting!!! Hilltop is magical, and I want to go there! I wonder if it's something in that tea Gustave is brewing up....or MAYBE IT'S SANTASAUR! Oh gosh no...please, no! Batten down the hatches if it is because you all will be in for the ride of your lives!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dutchess
What a wonderful story... I am in suspense as to what the outcome will be.

Rattus Scribus said...

Dear Dutchess,
I just love your blogs. They always have a cuteness factor that is simply off the scale, and always make me laugh. Your animal pictures and drawings are hilarious. These are creatures with PERSONALITY!


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