..................Welcome to the Little Cottage down the Hill...


Unexpected indeed...

Elvira takes her job as gate keeper very serious...come snow or come ice she is standing guard!
This is why she noticed the Robin talking to a little creature sitting on the bird feeder..Quickly she hurried over there to go see...

-'Goodmorning stranger',she asked with a gentle voice..'Who are you and what are you doing on top of the bird feeder..?'
-'Waiting to be fed.',jingled a voice sounding like sweet chiming bells ..
'I am ever so hungry..'
-'Then where is your home',asked Elvira curious,'and didn't they feed you over there?'
-The food was terrible at my place...chimed the little bells..and I heard from a very dear friend THIS was the place to be...in your garden! One of the greatest of greatest gourmet chefs should live here..I believe his restaurant is called.."Unexpected".
-'Well',said Elvira,'I do know a Gustave,and he is a great cook...but what I didn't know was that he started a diner..
-'My dear squirrel...it isn't a Diner..don't let the Great Gustave hear you say that...he is the most famous pasta maker ever...and his imaginary cookies won a prise in Paris..very unexpected...
-A Gourmet Chef ,in our garden,very unexpected indeed..said Elvira...I must go and find Gustave...see what he has to say about all this..But before I go, can you tell me your name, and who this dear friend of you is..the one who told you to come here..
-'My name is Bell...and the name of the friend who invited me here is Beauregard....he is very very nice with a sweet and kind look in eyes..'answered Bell.
-Beauregard....Elvira was puzzled...She knew everybody in the garden...and everybody in the Hilltop forest..but a Beauregard...Who could this be..


GrandmaK said...

Such a brave little creature. We should all have the dedication! Have a grand day!!! CAthy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Yes, indeed....who is this Beauregard? I LOVE HILLTOP...there is always something cookin'in Gustave's kitchen and in the secret corners of this enchanting garden, thanks to the genius of THE DUTCHESS....to be continued, I am sure! (I can't wait, dearest!) Anita

Jacqueline said...

Well, if anyone is going to find the answers it is Elvira. She is naturally curious and knows what to ask, when, where and how! Did I hear the dinner bell ring?

La Petite Gallery said...

I love this music. Mice too.

Thank you Dutchess.



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